Collectible News

Collectibles: Yolopark Reveals "Rise of the Beasts" Optimus Primal AMK Series Model

Yolopark has updated their Facebook Page with new images and product info for their upcoming Rise of the Beasts Optimus Primal AMK model kit.  These kits generally come preassembled and painted.  Highly detailed and articulated, they are essentially high end non-transforming action figures fit for display!  This also gives us some of the best images of what Primal may look like in the final film since (presumably) this model was based on the CG model used in the film.  Here are the details on the kit from Facebook:

Collectibles: Threezero Reveals "Bumblebee" Movie DLX Arcee

Threezero has revealed its upcoming DLX figure: Arcee from the Bumblebee Movie!  Orders are scheduled to go live May 4, 2023 with the shipping time frame set for Q4 of 2023.  Check out the official product information and images below:

Transformers: Bumblebee DLX Arcee
Hasbro and threezero are thrilled to present Arcee, the female Autobot from the Transformers: Bumblebee film as the next figure in the Transformers DLX collectible articulated figure series!

Collectibles: Prime 1 Studios Reveals Powermaster Optimus Prime Statue

Prime 1 Studios has updated their Facebook Page with a reveal of their upcoming Powermaster Optimus Prime statue.  This is a very different design than what G1 fans are used to.  Instead of a very blocky design, this one seems to take the layered look of live action movie designs and use influences from Powermaster Optimus Prime (with Apex Armor) to create a whole new design.  The piece is still in development so no price or release date has been revealed yet.  For now, check out the official info, video and extensive gallery belo

Collectible News: The Royal Mail Announces New Transformers Stamp Collection

The Royal Mail has officially announced a new set of stamps and art to celebrate the Transformers brand! The collection was designed by Transformers art veterans Andrew Wildman, Stephen Baskerville and John-Paul Bove giving a distinct G1 feel. Good news for fans in the United States, you can order from the site and have it shipped to you! Here's a rundown of the newly revealed items:

Collectible News: Flame Toys Announces Several New Model Kits including Beast Megatron

Via Facebook, Flame Toys has announced several new upcoming model kits from their Kuro Kara Kuri and Furai Model lines. They have shared concept art and some shots of the models themselves. The characters revealed are:

  • Beast Megatron (Furai)
  • Gilthor (Furai)
  • Jazz (Kuro Kara Kuri)
  • Shockwave (Furai)
  • Starscream (Kuro Kara Kuri)

Not much more info is up yet so for now enjoy the pics in the gallery below!

Collectible News: Official Photos with Product Info for "Bishoujo" Megatron & Optimus Prime

Back in February, Kotobukiya announced two "Bishoujo" style statues based on Optimus Prime and Megatron. Now they have released official photos and product info for the both statues!  Also, pre-orders have gone up for both items.  Check out the product info and images in the gallery below.  You can also use the links to pre-order your statues and support BWTF!

Collectible News: Funko Announces "Transformers X Funko" Digital Pop!™ Packs

Funko is well known for its Pop! figures representing characters from a wide range of licensed properties. The Transformers have appeared time to time in the line, but now they are adding a digital component to the figures. On March 15, 2022 Funko will drop these "packs" for sale on their web site. A Standard Pack (5 Digital Pop!) will run $9.99 USD with Premium Packs (15 Digital Pop!) going for $29.99 USD. Each type of pack will be limited to 18,000 packs.