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Collectible News: Hallmark Reveals Shockwave Christmas Ornament for 2021

Hallmark has posted its listing for the 2021 Transformers Christmas Ornament: Shockwave!  As with ornaments from the past few years, this collectible is based on the design of the G1 action figure (but it does not transform).  Shockwave retails for $17.99.  You can pre-order your ornament here for delivery starting July 10, 2021.  Check out the official product i

Collectible News: "Bumblebee" Movie Optimus Prime Truck For Sale

At the end of the live action Bumblebee movie, Optimus Prime appeared on Earth transforming into a very G1-esque truck alongside Bumblebee. If you are a collector with a lot of spare cash, the truck used in shooting that scene can now be yours! A listing on Facebook shows off the vehicle with a lot of descriptive text (pasted below for posterity). The current asking price is $21,600 but the owner is open to offers if you want to give it a go!