Toy News: Official Images & Product Info for "Masterpiece" Trainbot Seizan


Takara Tomy Mall has posted a listing for the upcoming Masterpiece Trainbot Seizan!  Check out the official information (as translated by Google Translate) and images below:

Transformers MPG-05 Trainbot Seizan

In the 5th installment from the new Transformers series "MPG", the L limited express L485-300 series is completely transformed into a robot!

Since it is a fully poseable specification, you can enjoy reproducing the pose in the play. You can enjoy the display by placing it on the attached rail, and it also comes with a special weapon Brain Laser, a light sword for Raiden, and a cannon (2 pieces). In addition, it has a triple change specification, and it can be transformed into the right arm part of "Raiden"!

Part of it can be separated to become a leg beam and attached to Raiden's right leg.

Train Bot Shoki and Train Bot Getsei, which are on sale, and Train Bot Yukikaze, which is scheduled to be released in the future. Combine with Train Bot Suiken and Train Bot Kaen to complete "Raiden".

Seizan's MSRP is 22,000 Yen and is due for release in late September 2023.

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