Toy News: "Kingdom" Red Alert Listed on


The War for Cybertron trilogy is coming to a close with the last part of the Kingdom line currently on pre-order.  However, one release that has been the subject of curiosity is Kingdom Red Alert.  The figure was originally slated to be a Walgreens exclusive.  Rumor was that its street date was meant to be October 2021, but to date there have not been appearances in store in the same way as other Walgreens exclusives from the past.  Hasbro Pulse did release a small number of these figures a while back but they quickly sold out even after one restock.

We now appear one step closer to the actual release of this figure.  Walgreens has listed Red Alert on their site, however the figure is not in stock yet.  A warning: you might see the option to order the figure online and pick it up in store.  Unfortunately a few fans online have tried this and what they get instead is a randomly chosen Deluxe Class figure (ex: Arcee or Wheeljack).  So use this option at your own risk.  Once he actually does start showing up (or goes in stock online) I'll definitely post here about it.

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