Toy News: "Generations Earthrise" Wave 2 found at Aldi Supermarkets


Fans on social media are reporting that the second wave of Generations Earthrise Deluxe Class figures are being found at Aldi Supermarkets in the US.  It has been a strange (and sometimes frustrating) year to be a collector and while Wave 2 preorders did go up on various sites months ago, not all fans were able to get those orders in before preorders ran out.  Now Wave 3 has begun to hit stores such as Target, leaving Wave 2 almost like an "orphaned" wave, so this is good news for those who missed it before.  As a reminder, Wave 2 has the following four figures: Airwave, Allicon, Arcee and Smokescreen.  Good luck hunting!

*Credit and thanks to Peter Chavez IV and Stephen Wittmaak for the in-store pics.