Toy News: Hasbro Pulse Reveals New Studio Series & Ectotron 2.0


Hasbro Pulse has been holding live streams on Fridays to reveal upcoming products, switching between brands from week to week.  Today their live stream was a "triple play" including Transformers!  The three reveals for today were:

  • Collaborative "Afterlife" Ectotron
  • Studio Series B-127 (Cybertronian Bumblebee)
  • Studio Series Dino

Here are some notes I took during the session:

  • The Studio Series Starscream revealed last week had a painting mishap at the factory where the cheeks were painted instead of the eyes.  This will be corrected in production.
  • Starscream's wings feature five points of articulation.
  • The line designs on Studio Series Bumblebee are meant to evoke the racing stripes on his future Earth mode.
  • Dino includes his two "gauntlet blades".
  • The Ectotron redeco/retool is based on the Ghostbusters Afterlife version of the character featuring a more "worn" deco and a new head sculpt.
  • There are "wear" details in rust color and a more eggshell white color to represent age.
  • The Ghostbusters logo is "cracked", indicating age.
  • A new six armed ghost will be included with Ectotron.
  • New head features the Ecto-goggles are now down and he has his face shield deployed.  Gives the figure a more aggressive appearance.
  • The packaging features updated artwork representing the figure's new head and colors.  The packaging is more of a card blister.  Includes a comic book featuring Ectotron and the Ghostbusters.

You can check out the archived video of the live stream below:

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