Comic Books: Skybound Acquires "G.I. Joe" and "Transformers" License


It's been a busy time at BWTF with all the Rise of the Beasts goings on so here is a bit of news catch up.  After IDW Publishing's run of Transformers comic books ended, much speculation went on about who would take over the comic book license from them.  Now thanks to two articles from Bleeding Cool (on June 9 and June 11) we now have news that Skybound has acquired the license.  Interestingly, the "debut" of Transformers appears to be in the form of a cover for a title called Void Rivals featuring Jetfire (which you can see here).  It appears they are setting up some type of united universe called "The Energon Universe", putting the Transformers brand front and center.  While there is no official press release about this yet this is all but confirmed via promotional materials.

More news as it becomes available.