Toy News: "Buzzworthy Bumblebee" Crash Combiners Found at Retail


After seeing reports of the Buzzworthy Bumblebee Worlds Collide 4-Pack being found at retail yesterday, I headed out to my two local Targets this morning (Menlo Park, NJ and Linden, NJ) to see if I would have any luck.  While I did not find the 4-Pack, I did find "Origins Bumblebee" and the two sets of the Robots in Disguise Crash Combiner redecos featuring Bumblebee, Grimlock and Optimus Prime!  It appears the Grimlock and Optimus Prime set may be short packed as I saw multiple Bumblebee/Grimlock sets but only one Optimus Prime/Grimlock set.  The photos below were from Menlo Park, NJ.  The Linden location only had the Crash Combiners.

For those hunting for "Origins Bumblebee", his DCPI is 087-16-3816.  The "Worlds Collide" 4-Pack DCPI is: 087-16-8265.  Good hunting everyone!