Toy News: Official Images and Product Information for Masterpiece Thundercracker Released


After being teased about a week or so ago Takara Tomy Mall has posted a listing for its upcoming Masterpiece MP-52+ Thundercracker figure.  This is a redeco of the upcoming Masterpiece Starscream figure whose design leans more towards the aesthetic of the G1 animated series.  Thundercracker is priced at ¥ 27,500 (about $264 USD).  The figure is due for release September 2021.  Check out the official photos and product information below:

Thundercracker, which was active in the TV anime "Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformer", has been made into a masterpiece by bringing it closer to the anime setting.

The F-15 Eagle of the aircraft has obtained a regular license from Boeing.

In robot mode, the vertical stabilizer and horizontal stabilizer are stored in the main body to realize the proportions set in the animation.
Since it is fully poseable, it is possible to reproduce the pose of the animation scene.

There are 3 types of replacement faces and 5 types of effects, and there are plenty of parts.