Toy News: Behind the Scenes Info & Images for "Studio Series" Core Class Arcee


King Samlock on Instagram (aka Sam Smith, a Hasbro Design Manager on Transformers) has posted a really nice behind the scenes look at the recently announced Core Class Studio Series Arcee figure coming out for Rise of the Beasts.  Check out his post mirrored below and embedded videos featuring turnarounds of the action figure!

Alright, lets talk core class for the upcoming Rise of the Beast film! Starting off the year right with some new reveals, we have Core Arcee in her earth scanned vehicle form. The bike used for the alt mode was Inspired by the motorcycle form used on screen. The bike in the film is a fitting nod to the bayverse alt mode, as it is the period accurate super bike variant of the alt mode that she had in ROTF.

I partnered with Koki Yamada at TT, who quickly got to work on developing a fantastic transformation that would scale this figure appropriately amongst the bots for the film. Being a motorcycle, she was naturally a much smaller character, and with the debut of the core scale in 2022, we finally had a place to release her in the detail she deserves as one of the main autobots of the film.

Arcee brings about a classically fused deco scheme that incorporates red, white and some secondary pink highlights across her bot and alt mode. Due to the complexity of some of the forms, there were some small changes that were altered in the deco plan as it went into production. Primarily with the front chest fairing changing mold colors, there were no longer the black details on the shoulder joints left over by the base color, and the mirrors on the alt form needed to be incorporated into the white portion of the livery. Regardless, I am still very happy with how she turned out.

The overall bot design is a nice evolution of her Bumblebee movie form, and I was excited to see elements like her heel wheels being able to be used as blades get incorporated into the film. Her initial scenes shared in the trailer look awesome, and I am excited to see this smaller minibot type character come to life this summer!

NOTE: I won’t be sharing full Screen to Toy asset breakdowns prior to the films release out of respect to our studio partnerships.


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