Toy News: Japanese Exclusive "Rise of the Beasts" Promotional Figures Revealed


As part of a promotion for the upcoming Rise of the Beasts film, Takara Tomy will be releasing exclusive Nemesis Prime and Burning Optimus Primal figures!  Nemesis Prime is a redeco of Rise of the Beasts Optimus Prime and features the character's signature black, teal, red and silver colors.  Burning Optimus Primal is a redeco of Kingdom Optimus Primal featuring the clear red color based on his appearance in the Beast Wars II movie (which has been made into toys before).

Fans in Japan who purchase their movie tickets through Loppi also have the option of preordering the figures.  Tickets generally run 1500 Yen and the figures are 5940 Yen for a total of 7330 Yen (about $53.27 USD).  You can see these details on

For fans in Japan who want to only order Primal, you may do so via HMV Japan. The figures are due to ship after January 4, 2024.

No word yet on how fans outside Japan will get these figures though I suspect it will largely be through importers.  If any pre-orders do go up I will note them here.


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