Toy News: Official Images of "Legacy Evolution" Stunticon Gift Set


One of the biggest and most surprising reveals at Hasbro's San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Panel was a Gift Set featuring the five Legacy Stunticons!  Inspired by the gift sets of Generation One, this huge boxed set features a G1 inspired grid graphic and cut out windows where each Stunticon is in vehicle mode.  Fans have had many challenges completing a set of the Stunticons, so this will be a big help to those who have had a hard time finding all the figures in the set.  To help differentiate it from the previous releases, the decos on the figures in this set are different, focusing on G1 toy-based decos that call back to the stickers on the G1 Stunticons.  Check out the gallery of pics provided by Hasbro below!

Lightbox Gallery