Toy News: Takara Tomy Reveals "Masterpiece" Nightbird Shadow


Takara Tomy Mall has posted its listing for the upcoming Masterpiece Nightbird Shadow! Nightbird Shadow is a redeco and retool of the Masterpiece Arcee figure based on the character who was first introduced in the G1 episode "Enter the Nightbird" (aka "The Shadow of Nightbird" in Japan). Since this is a retool/redeco of a transforming figure, this interpretation of the character takes a majority of its design influence from her G1 animated appearance, but also her appearance in the Legends comics where Nightbird took on an alt-mode of a futuristic looking car.

Nightbird Shadow is listed at 17,600 Yen (about $160.38 USD) with a release date of February 2022. For now, check out her official product description (via Google Translate) and images below:

The female ninja robot Nightbird who played an active part in the anime "Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformer" episode 17 " Shadow of Nightbird" is now available as the masterpiece "Nightbird Shadow"!

Transformed from a future car to a ninja type robot. Since it is a full-possible specification, you can freely take the poses that were active in the animation. Variable ninja sword, grappling hook, electromagnetic shuriken, light blade ninja sword, replacement face parts, shooting sword short tube, blowgun short tube, waist purse, 3 types of effect parts and abundant parts are included, and the animation scene You can reproduce and enjoy it.

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