Generation One

Toy News: Amazon Japan Lists "Missing Link" Convoy

There are some toy reveals that make fans eager for a toy's release.  Then there are others that make fans go "How is this real?!" and today's reveal is one of those.  Amazon Japan has posted listings for the long rumored Missing Link Convoy.  Missing Link features the design of the G1 Optimus Prime/Convoy figure featuring modern day articulation.  This has been a dream of many fans for years and Takara Tomy has finally decided to answer the call!  There will be two versions of this figure: a "toy based" deco that will include a trailer and then an "animation deco

Entertainment: Actor Jason Jansen Posts Behind the Scenes footage of Optimus Prime with Tommy Kennedy

In the waning days of the Generation One era, the budget allocated to entertainment had been severely cut by Hasbro management.  To keep the cartoon going into a fifth season it was decided to repackage old episodes with bookends featuring a live action puppet of Powermaster Optimus Prime interacting with a character named Tommy Kennedy (played by actor Jason Jankowski aka Jason Jansen).  The writers of these segments used these intros and outros to name drop figures that were current at the time including the Pretender, Landmine and Quickswitch bu

Toy News: Color Renders of HasLab Deathsaurus Released

The HasLab campaign for Deathsaurus continues to move forward.  Up until now we have only seen grey model images of the Destron leader.  Now thanks to Hasbro Pulse on Facebook we have our first look at digitally colored renders!  These images give us an idea of the deco and tampos that will be applied to the figure for its final release.  Check them out in the gallery below and if you haven't funded Deathsaurus yet, you can do so on Has

Toy News: Official Images of Super 7 6" Unicron

In the 80's, there was a G1 Unicron action figure planned but the toy was never released.  Of course, in time there would be several releases of Unicron in various forms including the Armada figure which was given many redecos over time and of course the most recent HasLab Unicron release.  However, looming in the background of all these releases was the "ghost" of the G1 release.  Sure it was kind of silly looking with its giant round body and wei

Toy News: Hasbro Launches "Victory" Deathsaber HasLab

In the Japanese exclusive series Victory, fans were introduced to the Emperor of Destruction known as Deathsaurus!  This powerful Destron/Decepticon transformed from a powerful robot to a giant Space Chicken Kaiju and was partnered with two "Breastmasters" Tigerbreast & Eaglebreast.  During the the Prime Wars trilogy fans had the chance to vote for Deathsaurus being made into (presumably) a Leader Class figure at the time, but that never came to pass.