Generation One

Toy News: Takara Tomy Posts Side by Side Photos of "G1" and "Masterpiece" Skids

There has been much information released in the past couple of weeks about Masterpiece Skids and his redeco/retool Reboost. For those who have been curious about how Masterpiece Skids measures up against his G1 counterpart, Takara Tomy has your back! Earlier today the @TF_Pr Twitter account posted images of the original and upcoming Skids figures side by side in both modes! You can see the photos below and in the embedded Tweet.

Collectible News: Hallmark Reveals Shockwave Christmas Ornament for 2021

Hallmark has posted its listing for the 2021 Transformers Christmas Ornament: Shockwave!  As with ornaments from the past few years, this collectible is based on the design of the G1 action figure (but it does not transform).  Shockwave retails for $17.99.  You can pre-order your ornament here for delivery starting July 10, 2021.  Check out the official product i

Pre-Order Alert: "Masterpiece" Skids and Reboost Pre-Orders Go Up with New Images

After the reveal of Masterpiece Skids and Reboost pre-orders have gone up at BWTF sponsor BigBadToyStore and affiliate site Entertainment Earth! In addition BigBadToyStore has posted a bunch of new images for each figure (in addition to those on Takara Tomy Mall!). Skids and Reboost are $89.99 each and due to ship in December 2021. Follow the links below to pre-order your figures and help support BWTF!


Toy News: Masterpiece Skids and Redeco/retool Images Released Online

@digitamin on Twitter has posted some intriguing images which appear to be the Takara Tomy promotional images of the upcoming Masterpiece Skids and its retool/redeco! Keep in mind this is not an official reveal but these photos are consistent with promotional photos released by Takara Tomy in the past. When official word is released you can bet BWTF will post about it!

Comic Books: Scans of "Generation One" Chinese Comic Book

Many years ago while visiting New York City's Chinatown, I came across a mysterious issue of (what appeared to be) a Transformers comic book published for the Chinese market.  Featuring some...interesting artwork and seemingly using a narrative from three different G1 cartoon episodes, this is a curiosity I wanted to share with fans.  Check out the scans in my gallery here!

"Generation One" Chinese Comic Book (Issue #12)

One day many years ago I was running around New York City's Chinatown shopping. This was a normal activity for me back in the day but what was unusual was what I found one day in a book and stationary store on Mott Street: a Chinese Transformers comic book! Now, it is not unusual for companies around the world to publish their own Transformers stories and limit distribution to one geographic region. However, this was the first (and only) time I had seen a G1 based comic book from another country that was not just a reprint or riff of an existing comic book.

Toy News: Game Stop Posts Listing for Spring Convention 2021 Exclusive Funko POP! Grimlock

The Funko POP! brand of figures has expanded over the years to encompass an incredible array of licenses. Recently they expanded by releasing a line of G1 based Transformers figures. Many of these have been exclusives to stores like Target. Now the list of exclusives grows with the release of a "retro" styled Grimlock!

Toy News: "Masterpiece" Skids Grey Model Revealed

Via The Official Honda Japan Twitter Page we now have our first look at the upcoming Masterpiece Skids figure! This figure was first revealed back in late December/early January by Takara Tomy but little has been heard since. Well it looks like the folks at Takara Tomy have been super busy, creating what looks like an awesome addition to everyone's MP collection! Check out the images below. I have also embedded the original Tweet for reference.

Toy News: Super 7 Reveals Upcoming "Ultimates" Releases

Recently Super 7 revealed its line of Ultimates figures bringing G1 characters into the realm of 7 inch figures with accessories. Now Super 7 has revealed the next two waves of these figures via Facebook. The upcoming waves will be featuring a rather ecclectic mixture of characters ranging from a G1 Megatron to Bludgeon! IDW Publishing fans will be thrilled to see that the popular character Tarn will also be joining the line.