Toy News: "Generations" Legacy United Quake Revealed


As a follow up to this morning's Slipstream reveal, we now have our first official look at Generations Legacy United Quake thanks to Mark Maher on Instagram!  Some details:

  • Quake is a redeco/retool of the Skullgrin sculpt.
  • Quake includes both Targetmasters Tip Top and Heater
  • The Targetmasters feature Blast Effects compatible tips
  • The tank turret can swivel and point up.  It also can fit a Blast Effect.
  • The tank mode is a Sherman "speeder" tank with aspects of an Abrams.

Presumably this figure will be up for preorder at the same time as Slipstream.  Keep your optics on BWTF for preorder info!

Source: Mark Maher's Instagram Feed

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