Game News: Transmetal 2 Megatron and Optimal Optimus Join the Battle this Weekend in "Earth Wars"


Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Battle to unlock Optimus Optimal or T2 Megatron in this weekend’s event!


Rally up your Alliances. Leaderboard 35 is upon us!

Will reigning leaderboard champions TF PSY-Ops make this their 8th consecutive win or will they be finally beaten by Scorched Earth, One Prime, Agents of Ark, or NCCE United?

Even if you're not going for a top spot, there are still prizes to be won!

At the end of the saga event, you can win up to:

  • 1,500 Optimus Optimal or T2 Megatron Character Shards
  • 1,000 4-Star Shards
  • 4,000 3-Star Shards
  • 20,000 Premium Character Shards
  • 125,000 Spark
  • 125,000 Combiner Spark
  • 1 WFC Skin Power Core
  • 1 Gmetal Power Core
  • 5 Gold Power Cores

Event Type: Alliance Leaderboard
Start Date: 09/07/2021 10:00 UTC
End Date: 12/07/2021 10:00 UTC
Bot Experience: SUPER XP
Prestige: 1
Event Battle Points: 0 - 490,000
Optional Battle Points: 505,000 - 1,000,000

Event Battle Zones

Leaderboard Prizes
* Character shards will be either Optimus Optimal or T2 Megatron depending on your faction.

Placement Prizes

Have your Alliance place in the Top 300 to receive bonus rewards!

Depending on your final position, win:

Each Total Spark Crystal contains a chance to win:

Upcoming Characters
Check out both Optimus Optimal and T2 Megatron! They'll both be joining the Earth Wars universe this weekend!

Optimus Optimal
During a Transwarp pulse/detonation, Optimus Primal was remade as Optimal Optimus, the mutated super-enhanced vessel for a mystical essence wielded by a lineage of Primes stretching back into the distant past of Cybertron.

Bigger, stronger, with a flight mode, Optimal Optimus epitomizes the fighting spirit and thirst for justice of the legendary Optimus Prime and his predecessors, his vast stature and many defensive features, including arm-mounted blast shields, making him unrivaled in terms of sheer power among his fellow Maximals - up to and including the venerable Maximal Elders. Burning Inferno: For 10 seconds you set nearby foes on fire dealing damage each second.

T2 Megatron
From the raging elemental fires of a Transwarp pulse/detonation Transmetal 2 Megatron arose, remade in a fearsome dragon form. In sheer power and ferocity, he now rivaled his namesake, the Megatron who had led the original Decepticon uprising.

Able to fly in beast mode and emit bursts of flame 1000 times hotter than burning oil (or spew a chemical compound that encases victims in blocks of ice), Megatron is now the ultimate predator, but the transfiguration has caused a mental instability that results in mindlessly destructive rages/rampages. Burning Inferno: For 10 seconds you set nearby foes on fire dealing damage each second. Playtest Q&A I caught up with the Playtesters to share their thoughts about the new bots, and to answer common questions we think you may have. Thank you to the playtesters that took part in the testing!

Q) Why doesn't the T2 Megatron fly higher than walls?
A) While they do not look like they fly higher than walls, they still do fly over walls. During their ability, they will be able to cross over a wall if they need to reach a further target.

On a visual level, we've had to limit the height that the bot can fly as their flying form blends in with the transform animation that happens at a low height. We will reach out to our artists to see if this is something they can address in a later release.

Q) Will anti-air target them while using their abilities?
A) Yes, while they use their special abilities they are considered airborne and thus will be ignored by ground-only defences and only anti-air core equipped lasers will shoot them.

Q) What cores would you recommend for the new bots?
TexasHammer: I recommend Amalgamous, Quintus, or Alchemist to keep them alive.

Sixaxion: Core-wise - there are lots of options.
- Anything that has healing from damage components (Amalgamous/Alchemist)
- Anything which is related to high DPS such as Quintus and Solus.
- Also the standard cores like Rejuvenation will keep them alive for a long time.

LazerClaw80: The best core I found was to be Amalgamous. I really liked the damage and that's they're backed up by good HP. I put one of them in my Sentinus spot and they performed better. At 65 VS Sentius, the HP is just slightly lower, but the DPS is 150 higher. That's a big advantage for me. I also like Pteraxadon to help with damage and a little health rejuvenation from DPS. This is going to be my first time going for Top 5 in LB, and I know it's tough to make top PL war teams now but this one has a chance!

Thunderbot: It's always good to have a rejuvenation to restore HP. Their DPS and HP are high so on an attack, a vitality core would add a significant %. You can't go wrong with a prime core either. As for combats, Rattrap would be good to keep him active (since he doesn't rush) or any other companion. It would also be a good idea to have Trenchfoot on a nearby bot to take advantage of the things he sets on fire or his ice passive which is a freeze attack.

Q) What tips would you give for the new bots?
Texas: I would also use this bot in 3 ways:
- Solo clearing for maximum damage,
- After a sacrifice bot to maximize the passive,
- A walk team for smaller range AoE clearing.

Sixaxion: These bots are equipped with high DPS and moderate-high HP and both share similarities with Sentius and Lazer Optimous/Armada Megatron. Although the ability is more like Volcanicus/Predaking flamethrower. The bots really excel on tightly packed structures.

Thunderbot: His standout ability is his passive which adds a freeze attack. His special ability looks really impressive and does decent damage but it needs to be paired with a cleanup bot to finish off the things they will set on fire.

DarthTNT: He’s a natural fit for Amalgamous and Alchemist. He also does well with Quintus since he’s likely to destroy a lot. He’s great in outposts as his ability covers a massive area and using it, his ice punch will freeze enemy bots in place.

Thanks to all the Playtesters for their help on the new bots! We're sure you're going to enjoy them!

Community Corner
A massive shoutout to our community who've been posting their art & creations on Discord. We just had to share these with you!

1 - Meggatron565 - We love your cosplay!
2 - Grand Galvatron - Grand embroidered the Autobot symbol! Amazing, well done!
3 - Omega Supreme - This is an incredible drawing of Metroplex. Wow!
4 - Ultrabolt73 - A lovely drawing! Thanks for sharing!

Keep posting your art on Discord to feature in our community corner, we love seeing it!

Content Creators
We'd also like to welcome two new content creators to the team! They've really impressed us with the consistent content they're producing. Check out their channels and say hello to them if you see them!

Grind Time - (Grind Time's YouTube)
SoulJiah - (SoulJiah's YouTube)

Best of luck to the two of them!

Monthly Gift
It's time for your gift for the month of July:

  • Silver XP Core
  • 5,000 Premium Shards
  • 10,000 Spark
  • 10,000 C.O.M.B.A.T. Spark
  • 10,000 Combiner Spark

The loot link will expire on 30/06/21 23:59 UTC.

Having trouble redeeming? Please follow our troubleshooting steps here.

Bug fixes & Improvements
The following changes will go live on Thursday 8th July:

  • Hoist and Crankcase will be added to the premium crystals.
  • We’ve altered Goldfire and Ramjet’s fire ability effect, and this is now half the duration it was previously (matching the duration in the description). We’ve doubled the amount of damage per second to maintain the same amount of total damage dealt.
  • Adaptive Shielding now correctly protects from Combiner Abilities and Airclass Ability damage.
  • We've updated the descriptions for both G1 First Aid/Reflector and G1 Ratchet/Hook so that it now appropriately refers to the "grenade" rather than the "beam" which caused some confusion.

Join us as we talk about game improvements, new features, upcoming bots and more. We're LIVE on Thursday 8th July 16:00 UTC

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