Toy News: Hasbro Pulse Opens Orders for "R.E.D." in new "Partner Exclusives" Section


It is no secret that store exclusives can be difficult to obtain at retail in the best of times.  With the Covid-19 pandemic and disruption in supply lines have made it even more difficult to obtain exclusives.  In an interesting move Hasbro Pulse has opened up a "Partner Exclusives" section that appears to be geared towards offering items that were once only offered at certain venues.   Among the items being offered are Wave 1 of the Transformers R.E.D.  figures which are currently Walmart exclusives.  The listed figures are Megatron, Optimus Prime and Soundwave - all priced at $19.99 and in stock now.  In the non-Transformers world they also have a Lord of the Rings: Monopoly game.

This bodes well if Pulse intends to add more exclusive offerings to the site.  It would offer fans a second (possibly first) chance at obtaining other exclusives.  My personal wish list would include the "Retro" Headmasters figures (currently at Walmart) and Runabout (a Target exclusive).  If they do list more items BWTF will post about it!