Robot Enhanced Design

Toy News: Walmart Exclusive R.E.D. Optimus Primal and Reformatting Megatron Pre-Orders Live

Walmart and Hasbro Pulse have posted pre-orders for the R.E.D. [Robot Enhanced Design] Optimus Primal and Reformatting Megatron figures!  Optimus Primal is based on his appearance in the 90's Beast Wars cartoon while Megatron calls back to the fateful scene where Unicron begins changing Megatron into Galvatron.  Check out the product descriptions and images below!

Toy News: Hasbro Pulse Opens Orders for "R.E.D." in new "Partner Exclusives" Section

It is no secret that store exclusives can be difficult to obtain at retail in the best of times.  With the Covid-19 pandemic and disruption in supply lines have made it even more difficult to obtain exclusives.  In an interesting move Hasbro Pulse has opened up a "Partner Exclusives" section that appears to be geared towards offering items that were once only offered at certain venues.   Among the items being offered are Wave 1 of the Transformers R.E.D.  figures which are currently Walmart exclusives.  The listed