Toy News: New Official Images & Product Info for "Legacy" Crankcase, Skullgrin, Inferno & Starscream


Takara Tomy Mall has posted new listings for several upcoming Legacy action figures including Deluxe Class Skullgrin and Voyager Class Starscream! The Deluxe Class figures are priced at 3,850 yen (about $26.66 USD) and the Voyagers are listed at 5,830 yen (about $40.37 USD). Keep in mind however that Takara Tomy Mall's prices tend to skew higher than US Retail. Check out the product descriptions (via Google Translate) and the images in the gallery below:

Transformers Legacy TL-17 Crankcase
Crankcase is a Decepticon data-gathering soldier with a special ability to attack with built-in firearms called Triggercon, which transforms into an off-road car. In addition to being able to remove the front bumper and equip it as a weapon in robot mode, it also comes with a dedicated Enerjon(sic) Weapon.

Transformers Legacy TL-18 Skullgrin 3,850 yen
Skull Grin, which has evolved into a different form than Pretender, transforms from a battle tank in Cybertron mode to a robot with a monster head. Armed with a double turret that can rotate 360 ​​degrees and two swords that can be used as a hand rifle. In robot mode, the turret on the back can be removed and the shoulder and arm joints can be replaced.

Transformers Legacy TL-20 Predacon Inferno 5,830 yen
The Predacon Inferno is a ground attack commander that transforms from a giant ant. He can deploy his abdomen and use the built-in Hell Jet to fly, and is good at attacking flames from the air. In the anime "Beast Wars Super Life Form Transformers", he was a soldier who pledged allegiance to Megatron, born from program modification of the protoform .

Transformers Legacy TL-19 Starscream (Armada Universe) 5,830 yen
From the "TRANSFORMERS ARMADA" universe, the Air Staff Officer "Starscream" that reproduces the coloring image that appeared at the beginning of the animation appears! It transforms from a robot to a SF jet. The two null ray cannons can be deployed in both SF jet and robot modes. Equipped with two swords, Wing Blade and Star Saber, on both wings, you can reproduce the same two-sword style in the play.

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