Toy News: Official HasLab Deathsaurus Unboxing Video by Hasbro


For those who backed HasLab Deathsaurus, the end of 2023 will be exciting as the giant Space Chicken of Destruction himself is due to ship and be in fan's hands by the end of the year!  Toe celebrate this Hasbro has released an unboxing video showing off what fans can expect when they have this awesome set in their hands.  Below are screen captures from the video, highlights from the video and the video itself embedded into this post.  Enjoy!

  • This unboxing was originally intended to be done at Comic-Con, but when they looked inside the box they had there was no figure inside.
  • Deathsaurus will include two shipping boxes.
  • The actual Deathsaurus box is protected by four corner protectors
  • Artwork is by Guido Guidi
  • Box design includes several foil areas including the box outlines around the photos of the accessories and logo.
  • Deathsaurus and the Micromasters sit in a plastic blister tray.
  • The gold in Deathsaurus has been darkened to match the vaccum metallized parts (suggested by Yuki-san).
  • Sword, instructions, Arrow, Blast Effects etc. are in a plastic tray under Deathsaurus and the Micromasters.
  • Tail Shield and Chestmasters are in a separate box (inside the larger box).
  • Tiger chest's vac metal parts are separate from the figure itself and need to be assembled.
  • Both Chestmasters fit into Deathsaurus' chest at the same time.
  • Third box features the throne, Metal Destroying Canon and Mace weapon.
  • Deathsaurus almost wound up in the main line but the success of Victory Saber allowed the team to convince leadership to approve making him a Deathsaurus.
  • The original "Generations" Deathsaurus was going to be a partil off of Grimlock.
  • Instructions are four colors and include guidance on how to store the accessories on the throne.
  • Deathsaurus will be in consumer hands by the end of the year (hopefully before Christmas).
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