Toy News: Hasbro Pulse Releases Photos of HasLab Omega Prime Painted Prototype

As a follow up to today's Hasbro Pulsecast, the folks at Hasbro have released photos of the HasLab Omega Prime painted prototypes!  These photos give us our first look at what these figures will likely look like in person pending any last minute changes.  Check out the pics in the gallery below!

Source:  Hasbro Pulse Facebook Page

Toy News: Official HasLab Deathsaurus Unboxing Video by Hasbro

For those who backed HasLab Deathsaurus, the end of 2023 will be exciting as the giant Space Chicken of Destruction himself is due to ship and be in fan's hands by the end of the year!  Toe celebrate this Hasbro has released an unboxing video showing off what fans can expect when they have this awesome set in their hands.  Below are screen captures from the video, highlights from the video and the video itself embedded into this post.  Enjoy!

Toy News: Official Packaging Photos for HasLab Deathsaurus

With a constant stream of Transformers figures hitting shelves it would be easy to forget that HasLab Deathsaurus is closer to being in fan's hands than ever with a shipping time frame of Fall 2023.  Now thanks to In Demand Toys on Facebook we have a surprise update: official stock photos of Deathsaurus and his packaging!  Check out the pics mirrored from their post in the gallery below.

Events: Photos of the "Generations" Figures from SDCC 2023 including Deathsaurus!

San Diego Comic-Con 2023 held its Preview Night on July 19, 2023.  This event allows select attendees at the convention to see what the floor has to offer ahead of time.  Next up we have a bunch of photos from Hasbro's booth.  This entry focuses on their Generations offerings including the Nemesis and Deathsaurus!  Check out the pics by friend of BWTF, Emerald Ivy in the gallery below:

Toy News: HasLab Update for Deathsaurus Shows Off Transformation, Accessories and More

After a relatively long period of silence, Hasbro Pulse has posted an update for backers of the Deathsaurus HasLab!  In the video, Transformers team member Evan shows off the “EP1” (Engineering Pilot) Deathsaurus.  In the video Evan takes us through various features of the figure and even shows off its full transformation into his Space Chicken Kaiju mode!

Toy News: Official Color Images of HasLab Deathsaurus Released

Yesterday Hasbro held a live stream featuring  the reveal of the hand painted sample of the upcoming HasLab Deathsaurus!  That's right, he's no longer a "possible" release.  This figure has been funded and is currently building up numbers to make its first stretch goal!  For now, you can check out the mirrored pics of this beautiful figure in the gallery below.  There are only 12 days left to back Deathsaurus.  If you haven't backed yet, head on over to Hasbro Pulse and throw your h

Toy News: Color Renders of HasLab Deathsaurus Released

The HasLab campaign for Deathsaurus continues to move forward.  Up until now we have only seen grey model images of the Destron leader.  Now thanks to Hasbro Pulse on Facebook we have our first look at digitally colored renders!  These images give us an idea of the deco and tampos that will be applied to the figure for its final release.  Check them out in the gallery below and if you haven't funded Deathsaurus yet, you can do so on Has

Toy News: Hasbro Launches "Victory" Deathsaber HasLab

In the Japanese exclusive series Victory, fans were introduced to the Emperor of Destruction known as Deathsaurus!  This powerful Destron/Decepticon transformed from a powerful robot to a giant Space Chicken Kaiju and was partnered with two "Breastmasters" Tigerbreast & Eaglebreast.  During the the Prime Wars trilogy fans had the chance to vote for Deathsaurus being made into (presumably) a Leader Class figure at the time, but that never came to pass.