Toy News: Official Takara Tomy Stock Images of recent "Studio Series" Reveals


Recently Hasbro revealed many upcoming figures from Studio Series from MCM London.  Now it's Takara Tomy's turn to reveal a bunch of new stock photos!  Thanks to their recent web site update we now have new photos of several figures to enjoy.  These figures include:

  • The Last Knight Decepticon Mohawk
  • Bumblebee Concept Art Decepticon Rumble
  • Gamer Edition Starscream
  • Junkion Scrapheap

Takara Tomy Mall has yet to put up entries for Bumblebee Movie concept Megatron or Rise of the Beasts Deluxe Scorponok (hopefully I didn't just miss them).  Once they put those up I'll post them as well.

Perhaps one of the more exciting reveals is that Rumble is backwards compatible with Studio Series Soundwave.  In his alt mode he can fit inside the larger Decepticon's chest, G1 style!  Check out the photos in the gallery below!

Lightbox Gallery