Rumor: LEGO to Release a "Transformers" Set


Licensed LEGO sets are nothing new. Among the biggest brands of LEGO sets nowadays are sets based on the Star Wars property. That said, this latest rumor via Promo Bricks is still a surprise. According to the fan site, LEGO will be releasing a LEGO set featuring Optimus Prime! It is rumored to have 1508 parts and will be labeled set number 10302. The rumored release date is May 2022 and the price is said to be 169.99 euros. This is very interesting news because fans will recall that years ago Hasbro made a huge push towards a building-brick line called KREO and Transformers made up a huge portion of that line.  KREO was a major force in retail for a brief period of time but ultimately the line was relegated to small sets being released at discount stores like Dollar General and Family Dollar.

Keep in mind, this is all unofficial news and there has been no official announcement from LEGO itself. If there is, you bet it will be reported on BWTF!