Toy News: "Generations" Legacy United G1 Optimus Prime Revealed


As a follow up to yesterday's awesome reveals by Mark Maher on Instagram, we have another today: G1 Universe Optimus Prime!  This Deluxe Class Optimus Prime figure is based on the G1 toy design but features modern day articulation and detailing.  Some info on the figure:

  • Mark worked with Takara Tomy designer Shuhei Umeza san on this figure.
  • The Matrix of Leadership accessory is metallic blue tinted in color.
  • Rifle is based on the one included with the G1 Optimus Prime action figure.
  • Eyes are yellow and have light piping.
  • Smokestacks are removable as weapons and Blast Effect compatible.
  • Tires are PVC rubber.
  • Can attach to trailers from other figures.
  • Colors in the photos below are of an advance sample, final colors will vary and will be based on the G1 toy.

Source: Mark Maher's Instagram Feed

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