Toy News: New Behind the Scenes Photos of Origins Wheeljack


Transformers developer Mark Maher has taken to Instagram to provide fans with new photos of the upcoming Cybertronian Wheeljack.  His post shows off the figure in both modes and even fitting Bumblebee inside the vehicle mode!  Among the info shared we learn:

  • Takara Tomy designer Yuya san worked with Maher on the figure.
  • The hover van's shield can be used as an air glider in robot mode or it can be reconfigured into the track Wheeljack drove on in "More than Meets the Eye"!
  • "Origins" Bumblebee's power rods can fit onto the sides of Wheeljack's vehicle mode.
  • Includes the two buzzsaws for the front of the vehicle mode (which can be used as a weapon attachment in robot mode).

Check out the pics mirrored below and see Maher's original post here.

Source: Mark Maher's Instagram

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