Events: Hasbro Pulse Premium 1027 Event Round Up


Today Hasbro Pulse held its 1027 Premium event!  Each brand represented did some quick reveals including Transformers!  The opening of the event showed off a room celebrating the 100 year history of Hasbro along with soem fun G1, G2 and Beast Wars figures in the background before showing off reveals.  Here's a rundown of the Transformers reveals with a gallery of screen captures below:

Commander Class Magmatron

  • Magmatron is a new Commander Class figure, not a retool or reissue of the original.
  • Magmatron features all three original forms: dinosaurs, robot mode and "Fuzor"/"Magmasaurus" mode.
  • The designers worked to ensure that waist articulation was worked into the figure.
  • Animation was referenced for the deco.
  • Magmatron's box has a couple Easter Eggs in it including Navi and a horn (or tusk?) in a corner!
  • It appears at least two of the beasts have Spark Crystals.

Voyager Class Silverbolt (Beast Wars)

  • Modeled after the animated series.
  • Feather weapons detach from wings and have 5mm pegs.
  • Part of the second wave of Legacy United.

Stranger Things x Transformers Collaboration "Code Red"

  • Officially licensed Volkswagon van.
  • Based off the Surfer Boy pizza delivery truck from Stranger Things.
  • Includes three weapons: flamethrower, Axe and mace weapon.
  • Box is modeled after the Jalapeno Chicken pizza box from the show and includes details like a "grease stain" and pizza crust printed in the box.

Magmatron and Code Red will be available for preorder at 5PM ET today for Premium Members and then at 6PM for everyone else.  If you'd like to watch the stream, I've embedded it below.

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