TV Shows: "Generation One" Season One Posted to Hasbro Pulse


In a fun surprise, Hasbro Pulse has posted the entire first season of the original Transformers cartoon to their Youtube channel! While most fans likely already have this in their media collections, it is cool to have it readily available on this platform. I've embedded the episodes below for your convenience.

If you want to binge the entire series, it is up on Tubi!


More than Meets the Eye (Part One)



More than Meets the Eye (Part Two)



More than Meets the Eye (Part Three)



Transport to Oblivion



Roll for it



Divide and Conquer



S.O.S. Dinobots



The Ultimate Doom (Part One)



The Ultimate Doom (Part Two)



The Ultimate Doom (Part Three)



War of the Dinobots



Countdown to Extinction



Fire in the Sky



Heavy Metal War



Fire on the Mountain



Plague of Insecticons