HasLab: Victory Saber Officially Funded

For weeks now fans have watched the HasLab campaign for Victory Saber slowly go up after an initial strong start.  For those who were nervous the campaign would not fund, international orders have helped boost the numbers and as of this morning Victory Saber is funded!  At the time of this writing there are now over 11,600 backers and hopefully more will come so we can reach the stretch goals!  If you want to participate in this campaign, head over to HasLab now and throw your hat in the ring.  Let's say GO!

HasLab: Hasbro to Interview Voice Actor Christopher Sabat about Victory Saber

In a surprise post, the Official Transformers Facebook Page has posted about an interview with Voice Actor Christopher Sabat at 2PM EDT today. Sabat's past credits include being a voice director on Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker and more. Interestingly, Sabat has no known Transformers voice acting or directing credits to his name which makes this interview a bit of a mystery.

Events: Hasbro Announces Fan First Friday for August 27 with a Strong Hint at Star Saber

Earlier today Hasbro updated their Facebook Page with an announcement about a "Fan First Friday" coming this week! However, the most interesting part of the post is found in their summary text which includes the phrase "Let's say GO!". This phrase was one of the catch phrases used by Star Saber in the Transformers Victory series!