Toy News: "Titans Return" Fortress Maximus Surprises Fans with a Reissue

One of the more popular action figures of the last decade was Titans Return Fortress Maximus, a new version of the G1 Headmaster Autobot base.  For years now, fans who missed out on its original release were forced to turn to very expensive after market prices if they wanted one but those prices could go as high as $700!   Fans who missed out the first time will now be relieved to hear that Hasbro is firing up another run of this figure!  In a surprise move, Hasbro Pulse, BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth all put up pre-orders today for T

Toy News: Official Photos & Info for "Beast Wars Again" Airazor vs Inferno

Takara Tomy has revealed the next set in its Beast Wars Again series: Airazor versus Inferno!  Airazor is a redeco of Kingdom Airazor while Inferno is redeco of Legacy Inferno.  Both figures feature premium decos based on their animated counterparts from the 90's cartoon!  The set as an MSRP of 10,450 Yen (about $70.70 USD) with a release date of Late February 2024.  For now, check out the images and info below from Takara Tomy Mall and translated via

Toy News: Official Images, Info & Preorder Links for "Collaborative" Frankentron

Over two hundred years ago the author Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein (aka The Modern Prometheus). This novel focused on a young scientist named Victor Frankenstein who would create a sentient creature known as "Frankenstein's Monster" (pop culture often misidentifies the creature as Frankenstein himself). Many consider this work one of the first published works of science fiction. The Transformers franchise is full of references to life being created and characters being built out of necesity.

Toy News: Takara Tomy Reveals Styrofoam Tray for "Missing Link" Convoy

In the halcyon days of the 80's when Transformers toys were overflowing on toy store shelves, one thing was very common with boxed figures: styrofoam trays.  Unlike modern day figures that either sit in a plastic tray or are tied to cardboard, figures of the 80's would often sit in a specially designed tray that would allow you to take the figure out then put it back into the box for maximum display value.  This practice fell to the wayside decades ago partly out of environmental concerns and even as G1 figures were reissued they would sit in clear plastic trays.

Toy News: Takara Tomy Posts Listing for "Studio Series" Core Class Noah Diaz

The folks over at Takara Tomy Mall have posted a listing for the upcoming Studio Series Noah Diaz Core Class figure.  The figure represents the character at the climax of the film where Mirage forms an Exo-Suit around the character to help him fight the Terrorcons.  Takara Tomy Mall has a suggested retail price of 1,980 Yen (about $13.78 USD).  The figure is due for its Japanese release in late January 2024.  For now, check out the official product information and image

Toy News: Takara Tomy Posts Listing for "Beast Wars Again" Dinobot vs Tarantulas

Takara Tomy has posted an official listing for the upcoming Beast Wars Again versus set featuring Dinobot and Tarantulas!   Takara Tomy's recommended price is 9900 Yen (about $68.92 USD) with a release date of late January 2024.  Check out the official product description (as translated by Google Translate) and pics below:

Toy News: Amazon Japan Lists "Missing Link" Convoy

There are some toy reveals that make fans eager for a toy's release.  Then there are others that make fans go "How is this real?!" and today's reveal is one of those.  Amazon Japan has posted listings for the long rumored Missing Link Convoy.  Missing Link features the design of the G1 Optimus Prime/Convoy figure featuring modern day articulation.  This has been a dream of many fans for years and Takara Tomy has finally decided to answer the call!  There will be two versions of this figure: a "toy based" deco that will include a trailer and then an "animation deco

Toy News: Official Images & Info for "Masterpiece" MP-44S Optimus Prime

Takara Tomy Mall has updated its site with a new listing for a redeco of MP-44 Optimus Prime!   This "MP-44S" edition features the cab only of Masterpiece Optimus Prime sporting a new deco based on the G1 Optimus Prime action figure!  This item is 33,000 yen (about $231.83 USD) and is due for release in late February 2024.  For now, check out the official information (as translated by Google Translate) and the official images below: