"The Transformers" Generation One Toy Review Index


Introduced in 1984, "Transformers" started as a small line of imported figures from Japan being given a classic "good versus evil" storyline. Little did anyone involved know that the series with its then-novel play pattern would launch a successful toy line that would still being going thirty years later. Previously I had included Generation One reissues in this section, but for the sake of organization those will be separated out in future sections to be restored. Each section lists characters separated by affiliation in alphabetical order.

Note:  This section is under reconstruction.  Most sections have not yet been restored.  Once they are, this notice will be taken down. - October 1, 2022.

The original line of Autobots and Decepticons that started the "Transformers" legend!

After its initial success, the "Transformers" toy line expands its cast of characters using a combination of new molds and retools/redecos of existing toys.

"Transformers" jumps into the future world of 2005 with the scope of the line expanding sub-groups such as Triple-Changers, Combiners and Cities.

The focus of "Transformers" shifts to "Headmasters" and "Targetmasters", larger Transformers paired with smaller ones that transform into their heads and weapons respectively.

More sub-groups are introduced including Triggerbots and Firecons and a new "Six Changer". Pretenders, Transformers who reside inside techno-organic shells are introduced as well.

Pretenders dominate the toy line with new classifications including Pretenders whose shells combine with the robots inside. On the other side of the line are the Micromasters, tiny Transformers akin to today's "Mini-Cons".

"Action Masters" are introduced. The Transformers themselves are posable figures that do not transform, but they are paired with vehicles or weapons that can convert. Micromasters continue to help bolster the line in what would be the last "official" year of Generation One.

While the Transformers toy line has ended in the United States, Europe and Japan continued to release figures under the name, making this year the last breath for the toy line that started a phenomenon.

2018-? - Vintage G1 Reissues
In 2018 Walmart released an exclusive line of Generation One reissues with packaging that was based on the original boxes and cards from the 80's.