"Dinobots" Toy Review Index


Since the days of Generation One Dinobots have been one of the most beloved parts of the "Transformers" toy line. At key points in the history of the toy line, Dinobots were given their own sub-lines of figures. This section focuses on reviews of those Transformers who have the honor of bearing the name "Dinobot".

Walmart Exclusive Dinobots (2003)

Returning to lead the Dinobots again, Grimlock is a fast and ferocious raptor.
Once a name associated with a Predacon frog, Slapper is now a well armored Ankylosaurus.
A name from the original Dinobots team comes to life again, this time as a Dimetrodon!
Snarl takes the form of a stegosaurus once again, this time with a third form to lull enemies into a trap!
Whether he is called Terranotron or Swoop, this Dinobot serves as air support for the Dinobots.
A veteran of the Dinobots team from the Beast Machines series, Triceradon lumbers into battle as a titanic triceratops.