Action Masters

Toy News: Takara Tomy Reveals "Dramatic Capture Series" Autobot Base Set

Continuing its "Dramatic Capture Series" (the spiritual successor to the "Perfect Finish" series) Takara Tomy has posted a listing for the second of these sets.  This set features redecos of Earthrise Optimus Prime, Studio Series 86 Jazz and surprisingly, Kingdom Mainframe!  Mainframe originally came with the Titan Class Ark but his colors were more based on the Ark's orange colors than the G1 character.  This version heavily leans into the G1 red and blue colors.

Toy News: Official Product Images & Info for "Kingdom" Jackpot with Sights

Yesterday Hasbro Pulse and Amazon unleashed a new release in its "Golden Disk" Collection: Jackpot with Sights! Who you may ask? Jackpot was a G1 Action Master released at the end of that era. While the figure did not transform, it was clear form his design that he once could transform into a car. He was partnered with Sights, a bird-bot who transformed into his weapon. Now Jackpot has returned in a transformable body (a redeco/retool of Studio Series Jazz) with a redeco of Pteraxadon as Sights!

Toy News: Super 7 Posts Pre-Orders for ULTIMATES! Transformers Wave 2

The folks at Super 7 have posted pre-order listings for the second wave of ULTIMATES! Transformers figures! This wave includes quite the mix showing much love for the G1 era. Featuring Bludgeon, Grimlock (dino mode), Megatron and Tracks, these figures have a ton of amazing accessories and pay homage to both the G1 animated series and comic books! Check out the official product descriptions and images below: