Bumblebee: Cyberverse Adventures

Toy News: Official Product Images & Information for "Cyberverse" Bumbleswoop and Slugtron

While the Generations line gets a lot of attention from the marketing perspective, other lines such as Cyberverse have been quietly releasing new toys in stores and online.  Most recently the Cyberverse line has pivoted to a focus on the Dinobots (a move similarly done by other figures aimed at younger fans).  Among these new Cyberverse toys are Combiners made up of two figures.  Now Hasbro has posted these items on their web site giving us official photos and product descriptions for these new

Toy News: Official Photos of "Cyberverse" Ultimate Class Hot Rod and Volcanicus

While the cartoon series ended about a year ago, the Cybervese toy line continues! Thanks to listings on Amazon, we now have photos of the upcoming Ultimate Class Hot Rod and Volcanicus figures. Hot Rod features the character with "Energon Armor" and staff weapon. Volcanicus meanwhile is a Cyberverse version of the Generations Volcanicus character. While the figure is not a Combiner, it looks like it is actually made up of several Dinobots and has an alt-mode!

Toy News: Amazon Lists "Dinobot Adventures" and "Dinobots Unite" Figures

As the latter half of 2021 rolls on, Transformers product is trickling out sometimes without any big announcements. Amazon has recently posted listings for several releases under the Dinobot Adventures banner. This line appears to be a standalone extension of the Rescue Bots line, using many of the sculpts from that line while not using its logo anywhere on its packaging. Also listed now are the "Roll N Change" figures first revealed back in June. Check out the listings and images from Amazon below.

Toy News: Official Image and Product Descriptions of "Cyberverse Adventures" Roll n' Change Bumblebee and Optimus Prime

Transformers news is generally very heavily focused on the Generations side of the brand, so it is not often we get an official update on the Cyberverse toys. Usually the toys just kind of pop up at retail without announcement. Not so today! Today's "Transformers Tuesday" announcement features two "Roll N' Change" figures: Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. These figures appear to be modern day takes on an old concept: Transformers that transform "automatically". Check out the official product descriptions, video and gallery below courtesy of Hasbro:

Toy News: BigBadToyStore Lists Pre-Orders for "Cyberverse" Deluxe Prowl, Soundwave and Starscream

BWTF sponsor BigBadToyStore has posted surprise listings for the upcoming Deluxe Class Cyberverse Prowl, Soundwave and Starscream figures! Each figure is a more traditional Generations style figure using the Cyberverse aesthetic relying on transformation as the primary gimmick and even including "Blast Effect" pieces! The figures are up for pre-order now at $21.99 each with an arrival date of December 2020. Check out the product descriptions and images below from BBTS!