Toy News: Hasbro & Robosen Launch Pre-Orders for Auto-Converting Grimlock - UPDATED

Today Hasbro launched pre-orders for its newest collabortion with Robosen:  the Transformers Grimlock Auto-Converting Robot - Flagship Collector's Edition!  Like their first Optimus Prime offering, this figure can auto-convert from one mode to the other and you can customize it even further using Robosen's app.  The figure is a celebration of the character including his iconic blaster and sword as well as his "King Grimlock" crown.  Even better?  G1 voice

Toy News: Robosen Reveals Trailer for Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Robot

Earlier today Hasbro and Robosen revealed the Robosen Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Robot would be reissued (orders go up this afternoon on Hasbro Pulse) but that's not all! To complete the set, they will be releasing a three foot long Auto-Converting trailer complete with Roller and Spike! Check out the press release, images and video below:

Toy News: Robosen Optimus Prime Unboxing Photos

Back in April, Hasbro revealed the amazing Robosen Optimus Prime.  This electronic, auto-converting Optimus Prime can also walk, talk and battle Decepticons all via voice command!  These have begun to arrive for fans who pre-ordered months ago and mine just came in.  Check out some unboxing photos below showing the box contents.  I have also added a couple screen shots from the App you can use to control the figure (an alternative to using voice commands).  A review will come down the road but for now enjoy the pics!