Movie News: "Rise of the Beasts" Notebook Reveals Optimus Prime Design

The Russian retail site Wildberries has posted a listing for a Rise of the Beasts notebook featuring an image of Optimus Prime on the front and what looks like ancient carvings of animals on the back. The Optimus Prime is essentially a version of the Optimus Prime we saw in the Bumblebee movie, which makes sense since this is a sequel to that film. More interesting is the "carving" which features several animals that represent classic Beast Wars characters.

Retro Reviews: "Beast Wars Transformers" Fractyl vs Packrat Set Restored

In 1997, a two pack featuring new Beast Wars characters was released at the Botcon fan convention.  The set included Fractyl (a Terrorsaur redeco) and Packrat (a Rattrap redeco).  This pair came in a beautiful box featuring artwork by long time Transformers artist Andrew Wildman.  I have now restored the review of this set with updated comments and brand new photos.  Check it out here!