Dark of the Moon

Toy News: "Studio Series" Core Class Laserbeak Revealed

Thanks once again to In Demand Toys in the UK, we have images of a previously unannounced figure: Studio Series Core Class Laserbeak!  Now, you're probably picturing a bird with blasters mounted on its back but nope.  Instead, this appears to be a pretool for an eventual Core Class Bumblebee figure!  Instead, this is based on a scene where Laserbeak takes on a Bumblebee-like form to infiltrate a house.  You can see the scene at the 51 second mark in the video embedded below.

Toy News: Hasbro Releases "Studio Series" B-127 and Dino Official Product Photos & Information

During today's Hasbro Pulse Live Stream, the Transformers team revealed two new figures.  The first is "B-127", the name Bumblebee had on Cybertron before coming to Earth.  This figure represents the character during the awesome opening sequence of the Bumblebee movie where several classic G1 characters were seen in new forms.  The other figure is Dino, the Autobot seen in Dark of the Moon who transformed into a Ferrari.  Due to licensing issues, his vehicle mode is a non-licenses vehicle, but h

Toy News: Hasbro Pulse Reveals New Studio Series & Ectotron 2.0

Hasbro Pulse has been holding live streams on Fridays to reveal upcoming products, switching between brands from week to week.  Today their live stream was a "triple play" including Transformers!  The three reveals for today were:

  • Collaborative "Afterlife" Ectotron
  • Studio Series B-127 (Cybertronian Bumblebee)
  • Studio Series Dino

Here are some notes I took during the session: