Core Class

Toy News: Official Photos, Info & Preorder Links for PulseCon 2023 Core Class Reveals

Earlier today Hasbro held its annual PulseCon event!  The first presentation was given by the Transformers team where a wide assortment of new figures was revealed for the third part of the Legacy series: United!  These include three new Core Class figures coming in 2024!  See below for official product descriptions, images and affiliate/sponsor links for these new additions to the Core Class assortment!

Toy News: Takara Tomy Posts Listing for "Studio Series" Core Class Noah Diaz

The folks over at Takara Tomy Mall have posted a listing for the upcoming Studio Series Noah Diaz Core Class figure.  The figure represents the character at the climax of the film where Mirage forms an Exo-Suit around the character to help him fight the Terrorcons.  Takara Tomy Mall has a suggested retail price of 1,980 Yen (about $13.78 USD).  The figure is due for its Japanese release in late January 2024.  For now, check out the official product information and image

Toy News: Official Images & Info for "Legacy Evolution" Core Class Optimus Prime & Snarl

It's Transformers Tuesday and a bunch of new listings have popped up online that give us official product images and info for upcoming releases previously revealed on a Hasbro Pulse live stream!  Among these figures are Core Class Optimus Prime (a repack of the previously released Core Class) and Core Class Snarl!  Snarl is an exciting release as this is the last Dinobot fans will need to complete their Core Class Dinobot Combiner: Volcanicus!  Check out the official info and images below along with purchase links that you can use to preorder your figures and support BWTF:

Toy News: Official Images of "Studio Series 1986" Frenzy (Red)

Last year Hasbro released Studio Series 1986 Rumble (blue), leaving no ambiguity as to where they stood on the age old "FIRRIB" (Frenzy is Red, Rumble is Blue) debate.  As a follow up at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Hasbro has revealed Studio Series 1986 Frenzy (red)!  No word on when this will be put up for orders but when it does, don't sleep on this one folks.  Rumble sold out fast and goes for up to quadruple his retail price on the secondary market.  For now, check out the pics revealed yesterday in the gallery below.