"Beast Machines Transformers" Apelinq Toy Review


Name: Apelinq
Function: Squadron Commander
Motto: "Download this!"

Tech Specs:
Formerly a head official in a leading Maximal research facility, Apelinq now uses his considerable skills and talent commanding a highly-trained, elite team of Cybertronian commandos. Specilizing in computer xenoscience, Apelinq spearheaded much of the advances unifying conventional technologies with alien cybersystems. He has as much leadership experience in combat situations as he does in laboratory administration. Highly skilled in interfacing wetware interlinks with Cybertronian software, apelinq utilizes the principles of computational transfer to download solid objects into reality. The limitations of this hybrid technology are not yet known. Preferred mode of travel is his "virtual digiboard". In robot mode, wields dual impact maces, capable of shattering most vanadium-reinforced armor.

Strength: 9  Intelligence: 10  Speed:Endurance: 9
Rank: 9.5  Courage: 10  Firepower: 10  Skill: 10

Apelinq was the Beast Machines Transformers Botcon 2000 exclusive toy. Because of the expenses and time needed to create a brand new toy, Botcon exclusive toys are repaints of existing Transformers toys. Also, the toys selected must be from the prior year's toys are back. Thus, no actual Beast Machines toys could be used for this release. However, the toy chosen is certainly one of the nicer choices from the Beast Wars Transformers line of toys.

Apelinq is a repaint of the Transmetal Optimus Primal toy. His colors are completely different than Optimus Primal's. This review will focus on the color differences.

Beast Mode color changes:
The most prominant color in this form is the vacume metallized silver, which has replaced the vacuum metallized blue on Optimus Primal. Metallic red outlines the symbol on the left side of his chest. His beast mode eyes are yellow and beast teeth are metallic green. The circular designs on his shoulders are metallic silver and his beast mode feet are also vacume metallized silver. Apelinq's shoulders, gun, waist and hands are all dark red. His upper and lower arms as well as his legs are silver.

Flight Mode color changes:
The flight mode primarily has the same colors as the beast mode. The addition of the "digiboard" display more color. The mid parts of the digiboard are dark red and the ends are black.

Robot Mode color changes:
The robot mode shows much more dark red than the beast mode, but the vacume metallized silver disappears for the most part. The robot head has several colors. The crest and antannae on the sides are metallic green, the brow and sides are dark red. The face is black with yellow eyes and white teeth. The shoulder pads, feet and mace weapons are all black. His arms and legs are the same colors as the beast mode. The main body (chest, waist and hips) are dark red, but the muscle details on his robot chest and abdominal area are painted lightly with the metallic green color.

Although dark in tone, the colors of Apelinq work very well together. Although the mold is easily recognizable as Optimus Primal, the colors are so different that Apelinq truly looks like a new character. A very nice job overall. For collectors or completists, this is one great piece to own. A

Updated Thoughts (September 27, 2023):
When I took the new photos in the gallery below I had not seen Apelinq in hand in years.  He's been sitting in my closet untouched for a long time and when I got a good look at him again I marveled at how beautiful this piece is.  The color combination is very unique among Transformers figures and I love the combination of vacuum metallized parts, the rich dark red and even some metallic flake plastic.  They simply do not give Transformers figures decos like this anymore (exclusives or not) and that is a shame.  Even with no retooling at all from the original Optimus Primal release this figure manages to look like a distinct character all its own.  This figure is absolutely beautiful and it definitely worthy of joining any fan's collection. 

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