"Beast Machines" Longhorn Toy Review


Longhorn is a part of the second line of basic Beast Machines toys. With quality harking back to the basics of the Beast Wars line, this toy offers a much better Maximal basic level toy than his predecessor, Buzzsaw.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Longhorn is a techno-organic bull. His primary colors are reddish brown and dark yellow with silver and gold accents. Translucent green plastic is used for light piping the bull eyes as well as the underside of his body. The detail and patterns are very distinctive. Probably his most distinctive feature is a nose ring! He even has molded details on his sides resembling ribs.

The way in which the toy is packaged does not do justice to it. From the overhead view, one would think Longhorn is extremely lanky and thin. However, seeing the toy out of the package reveals that he is not thin, just sleek. The upper body of the bull is rather wide and then becomes thinner towards the waist, but then the rear legs are fairly wide.

In beast mode Longhorn as twelve points of articulation. Lift up the small patch of "fur" on his back and press it to have Longhorn execute a head butt. His beast mode head can also swivel from side to side. The upper part of his left rear leg opens up to reveal his Spark crystal.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin Longhorn's transformation by straightening out his rear legs and folding down the robot foot pieces on both legs. Rotate the lower rear beast mode legs around to form the robot legs. Now swing the beast mode head back a bit and move the translucent green chest piece forward. Fold out the forward beast mode legs to reveal the robot arms. Swing the chest piece back to its original position and lower the beast mode head down to reveal the robot head. Longhorn is now in robot mode!

Robot Mode
In robot mode, Longhorn retains all his colors from the beast mode, but his translucent green is much more prominent. Also, some neon red is used on his horns and face. Because the robot mode now has the added width of his robot shoulders, Longhorn looks like he has much more girth to his form. the detailing is very nice, with a face that resembles Magnaboss's robot head. Another nice detail are his robot mode hands, which are the forward beast mode legs. The designers could have easily cheated and just made his hands "hoove hands",but instead a fist is molded into the pattern and each is carrying a weapon! Longhorn's right hand appears to be holding a short scythe like weapon while his left wields a three bladed weapon. A very nice touch.

As a robot, Longhorn has thirteen points of articulation. Unfortunately, because the way the transformation is set up, he does not have waist articulation. Also, the way his beast mode head folds down to reveal his robot mode head leaves a bit of an ugly gap between the beast mode head on his chest and his robot head, making the toy look oddly "unfinished".

Overall, Longhorn is a very neat toy at a basic price point. he would be much better if the waist articulation had been worked in and there was no "gap" in robot mode. B+

Update (December 29, 2021):
My opinion of Longhorn has not changed much over the years, but I will say that I think I was a lot more impressed with his deco after looking at him again after almost a decade of not having had him in hand.  The colors are gorgeous and I love the very "Earthy" combination of colors.  The sculpt is still fantastic and I love details like him carrying his weapons as part of the sculpt and the "nose ring".  Fantastic figure.

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