Articles: Milton Bradley "Transformers" 1985 Catalog & Comic Scans


In 1985, Milton Bradley distributed a Transformers toy catalog in Europe that also featured a comic book.  The result was a comic that represents a micro-continuity that borrows several elements from the 80's Marvel Comics.  This includes events like Cybertron being threatened by an asteroid belt, the Ark being launched to create a path for the planet and the Dinobots emerging from The Ark before the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons.  However, there are some key differences.  Since Optimus Prime had not yet been released in yet at the time, Jetfire was given the role of Autobot leader (using his toy's design to boot).  The funny part is, in the first page of the comic Optimus Prime does appear in the background!  Go figure.  Meanwhile, the Dinobots emerge from the Ark and fight Soundwave instead of Shockwave as he had done in the Marvel Comics.  It was a very curious yet fun take on Transformers lore.

I purchased the catalog scanned here online but it was not pristine.  There is some writing on certain pages and one page even has a section cut out.  Still, I hope you enjoy this fun look at a piece of Transformers history.

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