"Generations" Legacy Dead End Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: November 2022
Price Point: $24.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Amazon, BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth etc.)
Accessories: Blasters x 2

Official images and text below in italics are from Amazon:

  • TRANSFORMERS G1-INSPIRED DESIGN: This Transformers: Legacy 5.5-inch Dead End robot toy is inspired by the animated series, The Transformers, updated with a Generations-style design
  • UNIVERSES COLLIDE: Universes collide with Transformers: Legacy! This epic line of Transformers toys brings together fan-favorite characters from across the Transformers multiverse
  • 2 EPIC MODES: Action figure converts from robot to sports car mode in 15 steps. Comes with 2 Energon blaster accessories
  • COMBINE TO FORM MENASOR: Collect other Transformers: Legacy combiner figures to form Menasor! (Each sold separately, subject to availability.) Dead End toy combines as the Menasor figure’s left arm
  • SCAN THE CODE: Scan the code on each package to reveal character tech specs from across the multiverse! Collect other Legacy figures to reveal their character tech specs (each sold separately, subject to availability)

Harness the power of Energon with the Transformers: Legacy Deluxe Dead End robot toy! Dead End thinks it’s pointless to keep fighting in the Cybertronian war. When he’s not being forced to fight, he spends his time shining himself. Universes collide! Transformers: Legacy brings together fan-favorite characters from across the Transformers multiverse. Figures feature deco inspired by their universe with an updated Generations design. In honor of the almost 40-year legacy of Transformers entertainment, the fandoms come together from across the Transformers multiverse, all in one toy line. Transformers: Legacy action figures are great kids’ toys and exciting collectibles for fans of all ages. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Dead End is packaged in the standard Legacy box. This rectangular box features angles on the top and left side (if you are facing the box). As part of Hasbro's "plastic free" packaging there is a window in the front of the box showing off the figure from the chest but, but there is no plastic window. The Transformers logo is set vertically to the right and the Legacy logo is also on the front towards the bottom. The figure is sitting on a cardboard tray in robot mode with an illustration of Dead End in vehicle mode with his weapons attached firing away. The left side feaatures artwork of Dead End in robot mode. The back shows off Dead End in both modes calling out an 15 step transformation. It also has a QR code which you can scan to see his tech specs online. I've added that tech spec to this review.

In 1986 Transformers fans were introduced to the team of Decepticon warriors known as the Stunticons. These five warriors were among the first Decepticons introduced in G1 with land-based vehicle modes (instead of aerial modes, weapons or electronic devices). They were intended as the counter to the Aerialbots, who all transformed into planes or jets. One of the Stunticons was Dead End, who was a very pessimistic 'bot but still found enough enthusiasm to tear things up on the battlefield. The character has popped up here and there over the years as a toy including:

This is the first time however where the designers tried to make the figure as faithful to the G1 cartoon as possible.

Dead End includes two identical blasters. These are based on the model used in the G1 animated series and Marvel Comic books (which were different than the blaster included with the G1 action figure). The blaster features a barrel with an angled piece on top. The base of the weapon features three 5mm pegs and an angled section in back (with one more peg to boot). The top has a targeting scope on it. Both weapons are made of black plastic with metallic purple on the barrel and targeting scope.

Robot Mode:
Past versions of Dead End have never really aimed to be "show accurate" to the G1 animation model. The original G1 toy was very different than the animation model for instance. The closest we've come to a semi-show accurate Dead End is the the Combiner Wars version, but this time out the designers used the G1 animation and comic book model as the foundation for the design. Design elements from that model include:

  • Head: The robot head features visor eyes with a mouthplate and small nose. His helmet is curved, but also features some angles as well, a carry over from the G1 action figure.
  • Torso: The middle of the chest features a long, six sided design in the middle. Under that are two angled openings and under that are designs that look like angular letter "P"'s.
  • Arms: Each arm features a wheel in the shoulder area (though on the animation model the wheel made up the whole shoulder instead of just being part of it) and the forearms feature vent-like designs on the top.
  • Legs: The lower legs feature multiple details from the animation model including a horizontal rectangle under the knees with vertical lines running through them and even curves on the inner legs meant to be a visual reference to the wheels that wind up there on the G1 toy and animation model.

Personally I think this sculpt is fantastic. The first time I saw preview photos I really loved the use of the G1 animation model as the design reference for this figure. Now, some fans have had one major complaint: the feet. Since they are formed by the back of the vehicle mode swinging forward, they do not stick out particularly far. Had the budget for this figure been a tiny bit more I have no doubt the designers could have added feet that would flip out or something. This is one of those cases where I get the complaint, but it does not bother me in the least. Your mileage will vary.

Dead End is made up of maroon, black and silver plastic. These are all colors inspired by the animation model. Paint colors on the figure include purple, silver, gunmetal grey, black and orange. There is also some gold paint but that comes into play in the vehicle mode. The colors look fantastic and true to the G1 character. I grant that there are some details on the legs that could have been painted to really bring out the tinier parts of the sculpt, but they're not really necessary given the source material.

There are twenty two points of articulation on this figure. This includes four in each arm and six in each leg. Dead End has six 5mm ports in this mode. That includes one in each fist, one at the bottom of each foot and one in the front of each lower leg.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach all accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. On each arm, rotate the door panels around.
  4. Swing the wheels down on each shoulder.
  5. Swing the back panel out.
  6. Swing the arms (including the sides of the chest sections) up and connect them together.
  7. Swing the arms down to the sides.
  8. Swing the back panel up and then the front of the car forward.
  9. Swing each foot back.
  10. On each lower leg, swing the front panels forward.
  11. Push the lower legs together. Be sure to connect them together tightly. This affects how well panels line up in the back of the vehicle mode. If not pushed together enough gaps can form in the back of the vehicle.
  12. Swing the rear half of the vehicle forward.
  13. Swing the lower leg panels back up.
  14. The blasters attach to the ports on the top of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
Dead End's G1 vehicle mode was a Porsche 928 and this version of the character is also based on that car. I'm actually surprised at just how much it looks like a Porsche 928 without being a licensed vehicle. Like that vehicle it has a curved front end, featuring round headlights and a rectangular strip of lights underneath it. The car is a two door and features a triangular window in the back (but it is stretched out more than the real life Porsche). The back also features a spoiler that extends back over the rear of the car. The rear section has wrap around rear lights similar to the real life Porsche, but their shapes are different. I really love the look of this vehicle. There's some intricate details and it calls back to G1 Dead End beautifully.

The maroon color makes up most of the vehicle mode, with smaller parts like the wheels made up of black plastic. An extensive amount of black paint is used to paint all the windows including the sun roof. I point this out because over the past decade or so it has been common practice to paint say, the front and side windows but leave the rear one unpainted to save on the budget. Another oft neglected detail that is painted here are the sides of the wheels which are painted gunmetal grey. Running along the top of the vehicle (towards the left side) is a gold stripe with a silver one inside. This is a callback to a detail found on G1 Dead End's action figure (but not the animation model). The headlights are painted silver (though they almost look like gunmetal grey under some light). Overall the deco on the vehicle mode looks awesome.

Final Thoughts:
Dead End is awesome. I really love this figure. It looks fantastic. The transform is not overly complicated and there's plenty of play value. The only thing holding me back from highly recommending the figure is some of the weirdness around gaps on the rear section of the vehicle mode.


  • Excellent sculpt that pays homage to G1 Dead End.
  • Really nice deco.
  • Fun play value.


  • You need to fiddle quite a bit to not have large gaps in the back of the vehicle mode.

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