"Generations" Legacy Wild Rider Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: September 2022
Price Point: $24.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Amazon, BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth etc.)
Accessories: Blasters x 2;

Official images and text below in italics are from Amazon:
Harness the power of Energon with the Transformers: Legacy Deluxe Decepticon Wild Rider robot toy! Wild Rider lives up to his name. He’s a bit of a loose cannon. When he hits the road, he drives to destroy. Universes collide! Transformers: Legacy brings together fan-favorite characters from across the Transformers multiverse. Figures feature deco inspired by their universe with an updated Generations design. In honor of the almost 40-year legacy of Transformers entertainment, the fandoms come together from across the Transformers multiverse, all in one toy line. Transformers: Legacy action figures are great kids’ toys and exciting collectibles for fans of all ages. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

  • TRANSFORMERS G1-INSPIRED DESIGN: This Transformers: Legacy 5.5-inch Decepticon Wild Rider robot toy is inspired by the animated series, The Transformers, updated with a Generations-style design
  • UNIVERSES COLLIDE: Universes collide with Transformers: Legacy! This epic line of Transformers toys brings together fan-favorite characters from across the Transformers multiverse
  • 2 EPIC MODES: Action figure converts from robot to sports car mode in 17 steps. Comes with 2 Energon blaster accessories
  • COMBINE TO FORM MENASOR: Collect other Transformers: Legacy combiner figures to form Menasor! (Each sold separately, subject to availability.) Decepticon Wild Rider toy combines as the Menasor figure’s left leg
  • QR CODE: Scan the QR code on each package to reveal character tech specs from across the multiverse! Collect other Legacy figures to reveal their character tech specs (each sold separately, subject to availability)

The Transformers Legacy packaging represents a radical update to Transformers packaging for (what is presumably) a new "trilogy" of Generations toys. The shape calls back to the War for Cybertron trilogy design featuring a rectangular box with one side set at an angle. This packaging was designed with a new ethos in mind: minimizing the amount of plastic used to be more eco-friendly. That means the "window" that reveals the toy has no plastic over it. Instead there is just an empty space.

The box art itself is pretty spectacular. The more Earth-tone colors of Kingdom have been traded up for a very retro-scifi (circa the 90's) look. The background tones are mostly purple and black and the Legacy logo just jumps out at you visually with its sharp angles and beveled letters that look like something right out of 90's toy packaging (and yes, this is what the BWTF logo circa 2022 is a homage to). On the right is the now traditional vertical Transformers logo with the Generations logo above that. Both have a "worn metal" coloring on them that really looks great. Since Wild Rider is packaged in robot mode, his alt-mode is shown driving forward with his blasters firing. To the left of that is the name "Decepticon Wild Rider". Notice that the name is two separate words instead of one (as it was in G1). This is likely due to a trademark issue. The left (angled) side of the box features the robot mode art while the other side features Megatron, Dragstrip, Skywarp and Iguanus. The back of the box features Wild Rider in both modes, calling out a 13 step transformation. It also shows him as "2 of 5" Stunticons.

The Legacy boxes also feature a QR code, next to a snippet of a classic looking Tech Specs images. Scan the QR Code and it takes you to Hasbro's web site and the character's tech specs. I have screen captured the spec and placed it in the gallery below. This is a great idea, but I do wish the profile was more robust. Still, this is a great way to get around the limitation of having to print tech specs in multiple languages on the box.

I do have one major reservation about the packaging (beyond the open window portion), and that is how thin the cardboard is. Once upon a time Transformers boxes came in thick cardboard boxes with many layers. This box is super thin and it feels rather flimsy. I worry about how these boxes will stand up to damage on shelves or as they are shipped. Of course, if you ditch your boxes anyway this is not an issue.

In 1985, the Transformers cartoon introduced a new team of Decepticons: the Stunticons. These five Decepticons were made up of a truck and four cars. One of these cars was Wildrider, a Decepticon so insane even his fellow Stunticons kept their distance from him on the roads. There was of course a G1 action figure and in more recent time a version of him was released for Combiner Wars under the name "Brake-Neck". Now the character has popped up again in Legacy as part of a new iteration of the Stunticon team!

Wild Rider includes two identical blasters. These are based on the design of the weapon included with his G1 action figure. However, this weapon is a bit bulkier with a rectangular section making up most of the structure. The barrel in front is cone shaped and there is a targeting scope on top. The bottom has a 5mm peg. The right side has a 5mm port while the left side has another 5mm peg. In a very odd design choice, the end of the weapon does not fit Blast Effects. Even though these are not packaged with most figures nowadays, that compatibility has been found in many recent releases including Elita-1 who is in the same wave of figures.

The weapons are both made of black plastic with a beautiful metallic lavender color painted on the top and part of the barrel.

Robot Mode:
Wild Rider's design is heavily based on his G1 animation model with elements of the original G1 action figure. These details include:

  • Head: The robot head uses the animation model design featuring a distinct rectangular "helmet" section and small rods sticking out the sides. His face has a beveled design with very sharp lines defining the cheeks.
  • Torso: The chest features two vertical rectangles on either side, each split in half. The abdominal area has a trapezoid shape with a series of horizontal lines inside of it. These designs are also found on the animation model.
  • Thighs: Each thigh features a raised design that looks almost like a cable running to an oval shape. This is based on designs from the animation model.
  • Lower legs: The lower legs each feature a series of horizontal lines and raised "knee armor" sections. This is a combination of design elements from both the original toy and cartoon.

Wild Rider's silhouette also matches his G1 appearance very well, featuring a very blocky design with two of the wheels from the vehicle mode on his lower legs.


All that said, there is one aspect of the design that many fans may find a bit off-putting, and that would be the "back pack", formed by the top and front of the vehicle mode. Now, this is hardly unprecedented. Both the G1 and Combiner Wars version of the character had "back packs" formed from the front of the vehicle mode. However, those sat against the back fairly well. The "back pack" on this figure does not quite sit flush against the back, but it is also nowhere near as obtrusive as early photos made it look. That said, the windshield piece does stick out the back and the front end of the car breaks up in an odd way that looks less than tidy. This is perhaps the bigget negative in an otherwise awesome sculpt.

Wild Rider is made up of dark grey, black and translucent red plastic. The deco seems mostly based on the G1 animation model, featuring silver, blue and red colors. The silver and blue are found on the chest while red is used to paint the arms and face.

There are twenty points of articulation on this figure including four in each arm (no wrist articulation) and five in each leg. The blasters can attach to his fists or store on the 5mm ports on his legs (though that looks rather awkward). Unlike many recent figures however he does not have extra 5mm ports on the sides of the arms or legs to attach additional weaponry.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach all the accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs, then swing them out to the sides.
  3. Swing each fist into the forearms.
  4. Swing the chest panel forward, push the head back, then swing the chest panel back into place.
  5. Swing the sides of the vehicle's front end up against the very front section.
  6. Swing the "back pack" forward to form the front of the vehicle.
  7. Swing the windshield piece forward and down.
  8. Swing each robot foot up.
  9. Swing the panels with the robot feet out to the sides.
  10. Connect the two lower legs together.
  11. Rotate the lower body around.
  12. Swing the lower legs forward and snap them into place.
  13. Swing the panels with the feet in.
  14. Swing the arms in to form the sides of the vehicle.
  15. The blasters can attach to the top of the car.

Vehicle Mode:
The original G1 Wildrider transformed into a Ferrari 308 GTB sports car. While not licensed, this vehicle mode is surprisingly similar to that vehicle. The general shape is similar with a curved front end that dips downward in the middle. The top of the front end features rectangular sections with vents on them. The sides of the vehicle feature curved indentations and the back features more ridged/vent-like sections. He also has circular rear lights (though these are set vertically instead of horizontally). Overall the vehicle looks spectacular and I'm really impressed by how Hasbro managed a Ferrari-esque design.

This mode features the same plastic colors as the robot mode: dark grey, black and translucent red. Dark grey paint is used on the translucent red parts. The grey matches the plastic color really well. The sides of the car feature a red stripe on either side. The hood has a large, purple Decepticon symbol and finally (much to my delight) the sides of the wheels are painted silver. Really, except for the rear lights being unpainted this vehicle mode deco is near perfect!

The top of the vehicle has two 5mm ports for his weapons. This kind of calls back to the dual barreled cannon weapon included with the G1 figure that only attached to the vehicle mode. It's not a perfect callback, but I appreciate the effort. Wild Rider of course forms part of the Combiner, Menasor. Once I have all the Stunticons I will go into reviewing their respective "limb" modes.

Final Thoughts:
Wild Rider is excellent. The robot mode looks great and the vehicle mode is sleek and cool. The deco also does a great job of calling back to the animation model from G1 with nice, contrasting colors. He's not perfect of course. There is the big "back pack" and he has a tad less play value than other Legacy figures due to lacking ports on the sides (which frankly, I'm okay with for aesthetic reasons) and the lack of compatability with Blast Effects. Recommended!


  • Excellent sculpt in both modes utilizing aspects of the G1 animation and toy models.
  • Really nice deco.
  • Good articulation.


  • The "back pack" may bother some fans more than others.
  • Odd lack of compatability with Blast Effects.

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