"Generations" Legacy Twin Twist Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: July 2022
Price Point: $24.99
Retailer: Amazon Exclusive (with limited numbers sold on Hasbro Pulse)
Accessories: Headmaster figure, Blasters x 2

Official images and text below in italics are from Amazon:

  • WRECK ‘N RULE COLLECTION: If a mission is a lost cause, the Autobots call in their toughest task force: the Wreckers. This elite strike team is prepared to rush in blasters-blazing and get the job done
  • THE LOOSE CANNON: Nothing gives Twin Twist more joy than shredding his enemies into scrap metal. He can be uncontrollable at times, but he’s proven his worth as a member of the Wreckers
  • CLASSIC CONVERSION & ACCESSORIES: Diaclone Universe Twin Twist figure converts to drill tank mode in 18 steps. Includes 2 blaster accessories and a Headmaster figure that converts from robot to head in 1 step
  • ASSEMBLE THE HAMMER: Each Wreck ‘N Rule Collection pack includes with a piece of the Wreckers hammer. Collect all 5 packs to assemble and display the hammer (each sold separately, subject to availability)

When a mission seems like a lost cause, the Autobots call in their toughest task force: the Wreckers. This elite strike team of hardcore warriors is prepared to rush in blasters-blazing and get the job done. Twin Twist is the loose cannon of the team. Nothing gives him more joy than shredding his enemies into scrap metal. Twin Twist can be uncontrollable at times, but he’s proven his worth as a member of the Wreckers. Diaclone Universe Twin Twist figure converts to drill tank mode in 18 steps. Includes 2 blaster accessories and a Headmaster figure that converts from robot to Diaclone Universe Twin Twist figure’s head in 1 step. The Wreck ‘N Rule Collection includes 5 exciting packs, featuring some of the most celebrated Wreckers throughout the Transformers multiverse! (Each sold separately, subject to availability.)

The original 1980's Transformers toy line was a mash up of toys from different lines from Japan blended into one toy line. Among the toys used in the line were Diaclone "Blast Flip Attack Robot" toys. In the Transformers line, fans would come to know these as the "Jumpstarters" Topspin and Twin Twist. These two characters were relatively obscure, having never appeared in the G1 cartoon and even with the comic books they mostly appeared in Marvel's UK stories. Their colors were also changed for their Transformers releases, favoring greys and blues instead of the colors used in Diaclone.

Fast forward to 2017 and Hasbro would release Topspin and Twin Twist were released in the Titans Return line as Titan Master Autobots. Fans were thrilled that these relatively obscure characters were being released in the main line but they were not happy about how hard they were to find. Both figures were relatively difficult to locate at retail and online pre-orders sold out very quickly. And so, it was happy news when Hasbro revealed that Twin Twist would be released as part of the "Wreck 'N Rule" Amazon capsule. However, instead of a direct reissue of the original toy, this figure uses the bold red and blue colors of one of the Diaclone "Drill Type" variant. Interestingly, this color scheme is "light canon" already thanks to the 1985 Transformers box art using this color scheme (he's to the left of Sludge).

This review will focus on the changes made to this figure for this release. Check out my original Twin Twist with Flameout review for my thoughts on the base sculpt.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: Hasbro is knocking its packaging out of the park. Twin Twist's box is part of a giant picture that will be made up by putting all the "Wreck 'N Rule" boxes together. His part is one of the top parts, showing the character jumping down from some high place (presumably to kick some Decepticon skidplate). This is all new art and not recycled Titans Return art. You can also see Whirl (based on his T30 release) in the background and the head of an Emirate Xaaron statue twoards the bottom. The "Generations" and "Transformers" logos are set vertically to the right while the Legacy logo is on the lower left along with the text "Wreck 'N Rule Collection". His name is in a green box with the name "Diaclone Universe Twin Twist" as a nod to the origins of this deco. The colors on the box reflect the mass release Legacy boxes featuring beautiful purple and blue tones.

The back of the box shows Twin Twist in both modes calling out an 18 step transformation. It also shows his Headmaster in both modes indicating a 1 step transformation.  Inside, the figure is packaged with a flat cardboard piece with graphics printed on it.  This is intended to be part of the Wreckers Hammer which you can assemble by purchasing all the Wreckers figures and combining the parts included with each release.

Twin Twist includes two serious looking weapons. Each one is a blaster featuring two barrels, a thick center section and round notches that run along the bottom. Each blaster is the mirror image of the other, offering some visual symmetry (and playing into their functionality). Both pieces are cast in a red plastic and painted silver except for the 5mm pegs and tabs. Each weapon features two 5mm pegs, one on the bottom and half a peg on the side towards the back. Both weapons can connect via tabs/notches on the top. This creates a four barreled weapon that can also double as a "gunnery station" that any Head/Titan/Prime Master can sit on top of. The ability of smaller "Master" figures to interact with larger figures largely disappeared when the War for Cybertron series began so it is refreshing to see it again.

The other accessory is the Headmaster figure. I use the term "Headmaster" and not "Titan Master" since that is the term used in the official description (see above). Interestingly the designers did not name the Headmaster. It is just called "Headmaster" instead of the name used for the Titans Return version. Along with the "Diaclone Universe" description on the box this suggests that Titans Return Twin Twist and this Twin Twist are two separate characters.

The Headmaster is made up of blue, silver and red plastic - all the core colors of Twin Twist himself. The face is painted silver, which is nice to see since it is such a tiny detail. Twin Twist's face (which winds up on the Headmaster's back) is painted silver with light blue eyes. All five points of articulation are still nice and tight on this figure and it can stand just fine.

Robot Mode:
This figure is a straight up redeco of the Titans Return Twin Twist. However, the colors are so dramatically different it could easily have been given an identity as a whole new character (as many Diaclone based redecos have been). Instead of the lighter grey and blue tones of the previous release, this figure has strong dark blue and red colors making up most of the figure. The pelvic area and thighs are a darker silver plastic. If there is one thing you can say about Twin Twist's personality, it's that he is bold so these colors work perfectly for the character.

In terms of being a Diaclone homage, this figure does a great job. Like the Diaclone figure the blue plastic is mostly found on the head, arms and lower legs. The torso and elbows are red plastic and the silver on the thighs calls back to silver stickers on the original Diaclone Drill Tank Type figure. The paint applications are also designed with this homage in mind. Yellow and red paint details are found on the shoulders and knees, both referencing stickers used on the Drill Tank Type figure. The left side of the chest has silver painted on it, a reference to a sticker from the original figure while the right side of the chest has a small gunmetal grey detail painted in that acts as a tip of the hat to the hook piece on the Jumpstarter toy that kept him locked in vehicle mode until you activated his spring loaded transformation gimmick. The finishing touch on the deco is a metallic blue Wreckers symbol under his chest. This symbol is a modified version of the Autobot symbol first introduced via Botcon fiction and it is super cool to see it carry over into main line product!

All the joints on my copy of this figure are not super tight on my copy of this figure, but they are good enough to pose out the figure without issue. Specifically, the elbow and knee joints on my copy are slightly more loose than those on my Titans Return Twin Twist, but by no means is the figure floppy. The Headmaster feature works without a problem and all the 5mm ports to attach weapons work just fine.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the weapons if attached.
  2. Detach the head and transform it into robot mode. Set it aside for now.
  3. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  4. Swing the panels on the forearms out, swing each fist in and swing the panels back in place.
  5. Push each forearm up over the elbow joint.
  6. Swing the tread pieces on the shoulders forward.
  7. Swing the top half of the robot forward.
  8. Rotate the section with the drill bits and robot arms around.
  9. Lift the cockpit cover.
  10. Swing the drill sections forward, then swing the cockpit covers down.
  11. Swing each arm forward into the slots on either side of the cockpit.
  12. Rotate the leg section around.
  13. Swing the inner panels on the lower legs out.
  14. Push the feet up.
  15. Swing the knee armor forward.
  16. Push the lower legs up over the thighs.
  17. Push the knee armor down.
  18. The Headmaster can sit in the cockpit.
  19. Attach the blasters to the sides of the treads or the rear section of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
The bold colors from the robot mode all carry over into Twin Twist's vehicle form. Most of the vehicle is dark blue with red parts in the center. The translucent cockpit cover is now red instead of blue. The drills in front have been painted silver and red paint is used for the edges of the cockpit cover piece. The (non-working) treads have been painted gunmetal grey and they look fantastic. Yellow and red paint (carried over from the robot mode) offers nice contrast with the dark blue plastic on the back of the vehicle. The colors all really pop in this mode and he looks fantastic.

You can still attach 5mm peg weapons to the four ports on the sides and a Titan/Prime/Headmaster figure can fit inside the cockpit.

Final Thoughts:
This figure is a wonderful opportunity for fans who missed Twin Twist the first time around to get this sculpt again. Yes, it's kind of a bummer that they can't get the original color scheme, but the deco on this figure is so strong I think it is a worthy substitute. Despite this and a couple cons, I still say this figure is highly recommended!


  • Excellent sculpt that modernizes the original Twin Twist design brilliantly.
  • Good articulation.
  • Lots of play value between the weapons and compatability with 'Master figures.
  • Excellent deco that pays homage to Diaclone.


  • Some fans would have definitely preferred the original deco.
  • No 'Master pegs in vehicle mode.
  • The knee and elbow joints are slightly more loose compared to the Titans Return version.

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