Generations Legends Class Optimus Prime & Roller Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: April 2013
Price Point: $9.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Amazon, Target etc.)
Accessories: Roller figure/weapon, Rifle

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Autobot Roller has been the constant companion of Optimus Prime for all the countless years of the war. Silently, patiently, he has stood by the Autobot commander, supporting him as a leader, and serving him as a warrior. For all intents and purposes, Autobot Roller is a part of Optimus Prime, and just as great a hero.

This Autobot duo is just what you need to jump-start your Transformers adventures! Your Optimus Prime figure is the great Autobot leader, and he converts easily from robot mode to semi truck mode and back. But your Autobot Roller figure is Optimus Prime's powerful ally. He converts from robot to vehicle mode and back, and he also pops into weapon mode! Keep converting them both from one mode to another so their Decepticon enemies can't keep up!

Includes 2 figures. Series 02 001 Optimus Prime & Autobot Roller. Ages 5 and up. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Optimus Prime is an ever present figure in Transformers lore. In the current IDW Publishing comic book series he is off on adventures of his own with a small band of Autobots (and an alien). His form varies from issue to issue largley based on who draws him, but this general appearance has now been made into an action figure in this Legends Class sub-line of the "Generations" series.

Unlike previous "Legends" Class toys, the term has been redefined to refer to a figure that is roughly the size of a Commander Class figure. I say "roughly" because a smaller figure is included with it! In Optimus Prime's case, he comes with Roller, based on the small vehicle that goes back to the days of the original Optimus Prime action figure.

Roller Review

Robot Mode:
With the exception of a redeco included with the Japanese "Orion Pax" redeco from 2006, Roller hasn't had a robot mode so the designres have had the liberty of creating one that wasn't reliant on past designs. This robot mode is a pretty basic one, with angled panels forming much of the torso and area on the sides of the head. The legs are more cylindrical calling back a bit to his "Targetmaster" version included with the Japanese Orion Pax. His head design however borrows from a very iconic source: the Autobot symbol! Complete with the central crest, panels angling out to the sides on top and even the double lines by the mouth, Roller's face is pretty much the embodiment of the Autobot symbol in robot form.

Roller is cast in grey, black and blue plastic - all colors also associated with Optimus Prime himself. Most of his body including the torso and legs are grey. His arms and the wheels on him are black. His face is painted light metallic blue, which looks fantastic. Despite only having this paint deco in robot mode he looks great thanks to the varying plastic colors.

There are two points of articulation in this figure: the arms. They can swing up and down. Each of his hands have holes allowing 3mm pegged weapons to fit in there. I'm glad there's this extra bit of functionality, truly making this little guy part of the Cyberverse in terms of play pattern. He can also hold Optimus Prime's rifle, which has both a 3mm and 5mm peg.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1.   Swing the robot arms down.
  2.   You can attach Optimus Prime's rifle to the hole on the top of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
In the Generation One series Roller was a six wheeled vehicle that was intended to hold small Diaclone figures, acting as a transport. This time out, he's still six wheeled but now he's more of an all terrain vehicle and perhaps even a troop carrier. The front end looks like a Humvee, with angled lines and a grille in front complete with a roll of rope. the sides have armor paneling on the sides that bevel outward and look like they could open up for troops inside to fire outward. The back features two large rocket boosters, which are reminscent of the two pegs that stuck out the back of the original Roller toy.

This mode features the same colors as the robot mode, but it's mostly blue this time out, with only a little bit of grey peeking out on the front and back. The front end is painted silver while his windows are metallic light blue. It looks great and very consistent with Optimus Prime's colors.

There is a 5mm hole on top allowing you to attach Optimus Prime's rifle (or any other similarly designed weapon) to attach on top.

Transformation to Weapon Mode (from Vehicle Mode):

  1.   Start with Roller in vehicle mode.
  2.   Push the top of the vehicle forward so it folds over.
  3.   Swing the peg on the vehicle's top section up.
  4.   Attach Optimus' rifle to the hole in the center.

Weapon Mode:
Roller's weapon mode evokes his previous release as a Targetmaster. Like his previous incarnation, he becomes a rather long weapon complete with two weapon barrels on the underside and the giant rifle (comparatively speaking) on top. He winds up being rather out of proportion with Optimus, but he makes for a very formidable looking weapon. Even better, the 5mm peg sticks out on top, so if you have the right weapons, you can add even more weaponry to the mix. Want even more weaponry attached? Roller's fists stick up in this mode, allowing you to attach Cyberverse 3mm peg weapons as well!

Optimus Prime Review

 Robot Mode:
Although Optimus Prime has had many forms in the IDW Publishing series, this version is based on the more recent incarnation from the ongoing title. This design is a highly stylized and more complicated version of his Generation One design. Among the G1 elements on the figure are:

  • The head design has a central crest, antennae on the sides and a mouthplate, but there are more design elements added on to make him look a bit more like his live action movie design.
  • The chest has windows on it, an iconic Optimus Prime feature - but it is separated in the middle with a panel inside akin to the section that covered the Matrix in the original Transformers movie.
  • The torso features a grille in the middle and parts of the front of the vehicle on the sides.
  • The legs each have layered vent like designs on them, but like the IDW design, other details have been added such as circles on the knee armor.
  • The top of his chest have lights them, a carry over from the vehicle mode.

Many other design elements have been added on, including panels on top of his shoulders, extra angled layers on his waist and thigh sections and lower legs. Overall, the design is very true to the IDW comic book design and looks great.

Optimus Prime is cast in red, silver, blue and black plastic. The red makes up most of the upper body, silver in the middle to the thighs and blue on the lower legs. Black is used for the wheels from the vehicle mode. These are classic Optimus Prime colors, and even more are employed to add further detail. This includes silver on his face and lower legs, blue on the hands, light blue on the chest panels and yellow on the lights on top of his chest. Gunmetal is used on the top of his knee armor and red on the center of his chest in the form of an Autobot symbol. Overall it's a very classic set of Optimus Prime colors and matches relatively well with his comic book appearance. The only thing I wish was included would be Autobot symbols on his shoulders.

There are ten points of articulation on this figure. This includes ball joints at the elbows and hips. His upper body can turn, substituting for waist articulation. There are a couple of nagging parts of the design. The head rests on a panel that pushes down but doesn't lock into anything. His chest panels also swing out to reveal the Autobot symbol inside, but when you move the arms they move too, often winding up with the chest closed. Now, I personally don't mind it being closed since that's a very "classic" Optimus Prime look, but it's not the intent of the figure but I confess I am hard pressed to find a way the panels could have been kept open and not complicate the figure (and thus raise the price). Optimus can hold 5mm peg weapons in either hand. Roller is designed to fit in his hand and Optimus can lift his arm up and hold it there even with his weapon in hand but it's heavy enough that Optimus would tip over unless he's leaning on it.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Push the robot head down.
  2. Swing the chest panels together.
  3. Rotate the chest panel around.
  4. Push the vehicle mode grille panel in.
  5. Swing the shoulders back.
  6. Swing the forearms forward, completing the front of the vehicle.
  7. Push the legs together.
  8. Swing the body up at the middle to form the rear of the vehicle.

Vehicle Mode:
Like the robot mode, Optimus Prime has many design elements that borrow from his Generation One incarnation. Unlike many recent versions of Optimus, this one is a boxy truck cab that is flat in the front, not a longnose like the versions of Optimus Prime from the live action movies and "Transformers Prime". A lot of the details on the front of the vehicle mirror details seen in the robot form such as the headlights. A wind vane rests on top of the vehicle, formed by the robot mode's shoulder armor. The lights from the top of Optimus Prime's chest now feature prominently on top of the vehicle. Overall it looks really cool and I'm most impressed by the continuity of details between the robot mode and vehicle mode.

Much like his Generation One incarnation, Optimus is mostly red plastic in the front with blue on the back. The wheels are all black plastic. The windows are painted metallic light blue while the grille and other associated details in the front are silver. The lights on the top of his truck are yellow. The cylinders on the sides are painted silver. Carrying over the painted details from the robot legs and this vehicle has quite a bit of detail.

Much to my surprise, Optimus Prime actually rolls on six wheels. Sometimes six wheeled Transformers just wind up with two pairs of working wheels and one sculpted to just look like a wheel, but not here. You can attach a 5mm peg weapon on top of the vehicle, giving Optimus some offensive firepower in this form.

Final Thoughts:
This isn't a perfect figure, and I think if it had been made at a larger scale the nit picking I did on this one wouldn't have been necessary. For a figure of this size and class however you get a lot of bang for your buck, especially thanks to the presence of Roller. Recommended!

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