"Generations" Legends Class Ultra Magnus


General Information:
Release Date: April 2015
Price Point: $6.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: Limited Markets (Family Dollar, Dollar General etc.)
Accessories: None

Way back in the "Reveal the Shield" line a Legends Class Optimus Prime figure was released. Back then, "Legends Class" referred to a class if figure that is similar to our modern day "Legion Class" but larger. The idea was to create small, simple figures representing classic characters. This same sculpt would later be repackaged and re-released. Then the figure came out again this time with a sword accessory. More recently this figure was given a new deco and identity as Motorbreath (aka Motormaster). This time out, the sculpt has been given a new identity once again. This time the figure has a new deco as Ultra Magnus. Check out all my previous reviews for details on the sculpt. This review will focus on the changes made to the sculpt for this release.

A note about classification. The figures in this series did not have the "Generations" logo on the packaging, but everything else about the packaging design screamed "Generations". Also, it is a G1 character "reborn", which is the focus of "Generations". Also, I maintain the "Legends" classification on this figure because it technically isn't a Legion or Scout. The figure was originally released as a Legends Class and has never been officially reclassified, so I'm sticking with it.

Ultra Magnus is packaged on a small blister card. The card style is similar ot the current "Generations" packaging. The background is black, a Transformers logo is set to the right. In the background is artwork featuring Ultra Magnus. Interestingly, this artwork shows the character with his "trailer armor" on while the toy itself only represents the cab section's robot mode. Just to make things a tad more confusing the Ultra Magnus artwork shows the character in mostly white reflecting the colors of the toy - even though with that armor on he should be red, white and blue. The "Generations" logo never actually appears on this packaging, but between the style of the packaging and the fact that it is a new incarnation of a classic G1 character it fits the "Generations" line perfectly.

The back of the packaging features photos of the character in both modes. There is also a small write up for the character and instructions. Below that is safety information in several languages.

Robot Mode:
Using the cab from the G1 toy as its inspiration Ultra Magnus is cast in white and dark grey plastic. White makes up most of the upper body including the arms and head. The legs are cast in dark grey. Light blue is used on the windows on his chest, the mouthplate and crest, contrasting nicely with the white plastic. Red is used on the eyes, a carry over from G1 Ultra Magnus. The grille on his torso is painted silver along with the smokestacks on his arms. Some white paint is used on the vent like sections on the lower legs. Overall these colors do a nice job of emulating the design of G1 Ultra Magnus' cab section and it differentiates it from previous versions of this sculpt.

Ultra Magnus' joints are right on my copy of this figure. However, be warned that there have been reports of some copies of this figure having loose joints. There are no accessories included with this figure - which is really unfortunate. After so many years of figures on this scale there are tons of weapons that could have been included (not to mention the sword that was included with two previous versions of this toy). So this omission was a disappointment.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Push the head down.
  2. Rotate the chest around.
  3. Push the robot legs together.
  4. Swing the legs up.
  5. Swing the shoulder sections back.
  6. Swing the forearms forward.

Vehicle Mode:
ultra Magnus' vehicle mode is mostly white in the front and dark grey in the back. The windshield windows are light blue. The grille and front bumper have been painted silver. Interestingly the middle wheel (which is non-functional) is painted white to match the other four wheels. The final detail is a red Autobot symbol on the left side of the truck. The deco looks great, and I'm really glad to see they painted the middle wheel.

Final Thoughts:
If you already own other versions of this sculpt, there isn't much incentive to get this one. Truth be told I mostly picked it up because it's the first time Ultra Magnus was made form this sculpt and I really dug the packaging. Your mileage will vary.

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