"Generations" Titans Return Cloudraker and Wingspan Two Pack Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date:
November 2017
Price Point: $18.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: Walgreens Exclusive
Accessories: None

Official images and text below in italics are from Walgreens.com:
Prepare to see double in this Transformers Generations Clones 2-figure pack, featuring 2 special edition Clone figures in Legends Class scale. This Clone pack includes 2 clone character figures, Wingspan and Cloudraker, available for the first time since 1987.

Transformers Generations Clones 2-figure Pack

  • Comes with 2 Legends scale figures
  • Includes 2 special edition Clone characters -- Wingspan and Cloudraker
  • Winspan figure converts to cyber-falcon; Cloudraker figure converts to jet
  • Wingspan figure converts in 7 steps; Cloudraker figure converts in 9 steps
  • Made in China
  • ©2017 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved
  • Manufactured under license from TOMY Company, Ltd.

In the latter years of Generation One, four Transformers were released representing a sub-group known as The Clones. Each side had Clones. The Autobots had Cloudraker and Fastlane while the Decepticons had Pounce and Wingspan. Each pair ostensibly featured identical robot modes with the alt modes being totally different. In 2017, Hasbro had planned to release four boxed sets and using the Clones as the exclusive figure in each (thus forcing your hand to buy all four sets). Two of these sets were produced, one featuring Fastclash (aka Fastlane) and the other with Pounce. However, this left their "brothers" Cloudraker and Wingspan hanging for a while. Then word came last summer that Cloudraker and Wingspan would indeed be released but as a Walgreens exclusive two pack!

By October 2017 the figures had been listed on the Walgreens web site, and soon enough fans across the United States were finding them. I do recommend reading my reviews of Fastclash (aka Fastlane) and Pounce before this review to get familiar with the base design for both figures below.

Cloudraker and Wingspan come packaged in a window box as a two pack. The background is the familiar black color seen on other "Generations" packaging. There is a "Generations" logo on the right and a vertical "Transformers" logo. In the window is Wingspan on top and Cloudraker on the bottom. Both robots are in robot mode. Set vertically are their names with accompanying faction symbols. In a fun bit of design, their alt-mode artwork "flies" towards them. Wingspan's bird mode is featured on top while Cloudraker's jet mode is "flying" across the "Transformers" logo. Towards the bottom is the "Titans Return" logo. The finishing touch is a round Walgreens exclusive sticker on the window. It is an eye catching two pack, partly because it is rather different from any other packaging.


Robot Mode:
Being a "clone", Cloudraker winds up sharing a lot of the same parts as Fastclash. Both figures share the same head, arms, the torso, hip joints, thighs and feet. For the most part this helps sell the illusion that Fastclash and Cloudraker are identical in robot mode, but a quick look at certain parts from the side or the back quickly dispels that notion. Here's what the designers changed:

  • While the heads are the same, the piece attached to the back of the head is different. On Fastclash it was a spoiler for the vehicle mode. Here it is a stabilizer fin for the jet mode.
  • The torso is the same sculpt as the the one on Fastclash but the way it is used is different. On both figures the back has a gap in the center. This is not used on Fastclash. However on Cloudraker there is a hinge piece with the cockpit/nosecone of the jet mode connected to it. You can actually see the holes that the hinge piece attaches to on Fastlane if you look in the gap.
  • The lower legs share the same basic sculpt in front, but they are different designs. The sides on Fastclash feature wheels while Cloudraker's feature the jet mode's wings folded in them. In my photos you will notice I wrap the ends of the wings over the sides of the legs. I prefer this because it forms a whole panel instead of leaving a gap. If you don't mind the gap you can just fold the wings onto the back of the lower legs.

These differences are not a huge deal in my book. The G1 Autobot Clones also featured significant sculpt differences noticeable in robot mode as well so this just continues the tradition! I think Cloudraker looks great.

Color-wise it is interesting to compare Cloudraker to Fastclash. For the most part both have the same deco colors and pattern. However I think during the molding process some colors were slightly off. For instance, the red on my Fastclash's forearms is slightly darker than the red on my Cloudraker's forearms. The same can be said for the hip pieces. It is a very slight variation on the colors but under both bright and dim lights I could see the difference. Aside from that, the two share paint applications such as the grey on the fists and the silver and red parts near the feet. The main difference here are the stickers on their chests. While Fastclash has the "race car symbol" on his chest, Cloudraker's looks like a jet fighter symbol.

Cloudraker's joints are every bit as tight as Fastclash's. Both share the same level of articulation. They also both have 5mm ports in their fists.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  2. Turn the robot head around.
  3. Swing the arms up.
  4. Swing the legs out a bit, then extend out each wing.
  5. Swing the feet down.
  6. Swing the legs back, connecting the slot on the legs to the tabs on the sides of the torso section.
  7. Swing the jet cockpit section up.

Vehicle Mode:
Cloudraker is a more compact and smaller figure than his G1 counterpart. That means his nosecone/cockpit section is a bit wider than G1 Cloudraker's. Also his wings are wider and shorter. However, the two do share some design elements such as having the robot feet swung to the back and the robot arms on the top of the vehicle. The wide design of this vehicle actually reminds me a bit of "Energon" Skyblast and I think it looks cool even if not 100% G1 accurate.

The most newly revealed parts and deco in this mode is the front where the cockpit cover and the sides are painted off white while the area around the cockpit cover is painted metallic light blue. The nosecone has an Autobot symbol on it and the very tip has a yellow triangle on it. This is directly inspired by the G1 Cloudraker's vehicle mode deco. I appreciate the nods to G1 Cloudraker's deco.

Since this figure is part of the "Titans Return" line, the designers found a way to make sure it was compatible with the mini-Titan Master figures. Swing up the central panel and you form a seat. The tab on the back of the Titan Master legs attach to the slot behind the cockpit to secure them in place. I love this play feature and I really hope this type of cross-compatibility continues through the future of the Transformers line.


Robot Mode:
Like Cloudraker, Wingspan uses a lot of of the same parts as his clone brother. In this case the head, torso, arms, hips and thighs are all the same pieces. Here are the differences:

  • The forearms have the claws/feet from the beast mode attached to them. Pounce had the holes for the pins that keep the feet attached but they were not used on his arms.
  • The lower legs are completely different pieces. There are design similarities of course (most notably the feet and the area above them) but the sides clearly have parts of his beast mode wings on them.
  • The back piece is mostly the same as Pounce's, bit it is utilized differently. Instead of the feline head, there is a bird head attached. Instead of the feline tail, you have the tail feathers from the beast mode. And of course there are no legs for the beast mode.

Overall Wingspan is still a convincing "clone" of Pounce in this mode. The main parts such as the head, torso and arms are really what draw your eye on this figure so in that respect they do look alike.

The deco on these figures matches up really well. Indeed, it is not until you get to the pink bits sticking out on the lower legs that the two really look considerably different. Of course, the primary difference is the symbol on his chest. Whereas Pounce has a feline head symbol, Wingspan has a bird symbol. The rest of his deco matches his brother. Overall both the sculpt and deco on this figure look great.

All the articulation points on this figure are just as tight as the ones on my copy of Pounce. He also has 5mm ports in his fists, just like Pounce.

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  1. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  2. Turn the head around.
  3. Swing the beast mode head up.
  4. Swing the arms forward, then turn the forearms in and push the claws down gently.
  5. Swing the legs out to the sides.
  6. Rotate the lower legs and swing the wing panels out.
  7. Swing the legs/wings up, connecting them to the tabs on the sides.

Beast Mode:
Wingspan was a rather bulky bird in G1, so the bulky look of this bird mode looks just about right. Like his G1 counterpart he has distinct tail feathers in the back, a sharply defined beak and head. The wings are a bit different than the G1 wings, which looked a bit more like mechanical feathers than these do. These have feather patterns on them yes, but they look more like wings on a plane or ship than an animal. Still, the beast mode works given that this is a Legends Class figure (or something close to it).

The wings have purple and pink paint on them, which is a bit odd. I would have thought the designers would just use the same color on both but it did not work out that way. The head features yellow eyes, a detail borrowed from G1 Wingspan. The deco looks good, with the pink, purple and white contrasting nicely against the dark blue.

Readers may notice that I used the Nonnef custom weapons and attached them in this mode. The Nonnef weapons have rectangular handles, so they fit into the slots on the hip joint area. This was, of course not by design, but more of a happy accident. Of course, being part of "Titans Return", you can seat a Titan Master on Wingspan's back.

Final Thoughts:
While not the most ideal way to release the Clones, I am glad that even after two of the big boxed sets were cancelled they found a way to release these two figures. It would have been a darn shame if the figures had not come out at all! These are also two fun little figures that clearly show love for the originals. Recommended!

Given the oddball nature of how these figures were released, some fans may just want to order the Takara Tomy versions of the figures which have different decos, but actually package the Autobots and Decepticons in G1 style sets. BWTF sponsor BigBadToyStore currently has both sets in stock as of this writing (March 2018). You can order the Autobot set here and the Decepticon set here.


  • Completes the set of four Clones (assuming you have the other two).
  • Joints are still nice and tight.
  • Both Clones look like their counterparts for the most part.
  • Distinctive alt-modes.


  • It is rather expensive to get all four Clones (see above for links to order the Japanese versions).
  • No weapons.

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