"Generations" Titans Return Trypticon Review Part 4 (City Mode)


General Information:
Release Date: July 2017
Price Point: $149.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Full-Tilt vehicle/robot, Nicro Titan Master, Full-Tilt blaster

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City Mode Review

Titan Class figures are large and complex figures. For the sake of space, I have broken this review up into four parts. This section will cover the City Mode.

Transformation to City Mode (from Spaceship Mode):

  1. Push the dual barreled cannons in the front down, then swing out that section forward.
  2. Swing in the wings.
  3. Swing out the purple panels on the horizontal platforms on the sides.
  4. On the "gunnery station" areas, swing up the grey panels so they are horizontal.
  5. Push up all three towers in the back.
  6. Swing each leg out to the sides.
  7. Holding the top sections of each leg, split the legs in half and swing the otuer half out to the sides.
  8. On each "gunnery station" area, swing the grey sections up so they are horizontal.
City Mode Review

Some fans may disagree with me, but I think Trypticon's City Mode is one of the most fun aspects about the figure. City or Base modes are among my favorite types of Transformers toys. Whether we are talking about larger figures like Fortress Maximus or smaller bases like the Micromasters I have always loved the concept of not only having Transformers characters in toy form, but also a world for them to inhabit. With the Titan Class figures, fans have a unique opportunity to create a small piece of a fictional world based on a universe they love.

The City Mode's shape is very similar to that of the G1 Trypticon City Mode. There is a large central ramp in the center with two other ramps flanking it on the horizontal platforms to the sides. The sides feature platforms that extend far out to the sides since they are formed by both halves of the beast mode legs. The top of the main ramp has three towers that look like skyscrapers and the beast mode head winds up tucked in the back.

There are some differences between this design and the G1 version of course. For instance, G1 Trypticon's arms just remained under the City Mode whereas here they are in the back. Also, there were accessories with G1 Trypticon that formed additional buildings in the back of the horizontal platforms. Titan Class Trypticon does not have equivalent accessories. Other than that however, the two are very similar in the overall design.

Most of the smaller details in this form were already visible in Spaceship Mode, but there are a few that were not. For instance, the purple ramps on the horizontal platforms have a lot of line detail including lines to designate lanes, lining up with those on the grey sections. This configuration also reveals that bottom of the beast mode feet form landing pads, complete with a circular pattern in the middle indicating where vehicles can land or launch from. This mode also gives us more of a look at the towers. Each has a series of small details that look like windows, making Trypticon look positively massive. We also get a better look at line details on the top of the ramp section which look like they are from some futuristic road out of a scifi cartoon. Other cool details include a series of rectangular notches along the sides of the ramp towards the front. The stickers that go in here are orange and red, giving them a feiry appearance, as if Trypticon has furious energy lurking underneath the City.

In terms of deco this mode is a lot like the Spaceship Mode, but more stickers are exposed. For instance the paths leading out to the sides have orange/yellow stickers on them that look like energy coursing through that part of the base. These paths also have stickers on them that have machinery details printed on them, giving Trypticon a more complex look (on top of all the awesome sculpted detail).

From a functional standpoint, this mode is very similar to the Spaceship form. Here's a rundown of features, some of which will look familiar if you read the Spaceship review:

  • The ramp in the middle is designed to accomodate a Deluxe Class figure. Start from the top, push it down the ramp and it will go rolling out to the front.
  • The platforms on the sides are big enough to accomodate Deluxe (and some Voyager) Class figures in vehicle mode.
  • Towards the middle of the ramp section there are two 5mm ports that allow you to attach weapons. For some Titan Master interaction, attach their vehicles/weapons in weapon mode to create manned gunnery stations. The panels on the sides (now horizontal instead of vertical) have a Titan Master peg on them.
  • Near the "gunnery station" area are Titan Master pegs on the teal parts of the ramp area.
  • Moving the ramps forward reveals an extra Titan Master peg on the grey sections.
  • Each beast mode arm in the back has two Titan Master pegs on it.
  • The grey sections of the horizontal platforms have three Titan Master pegs.
  • The front section has 5mm ports on either side, allowing you to attach extra weaponry.
  • The paths/road pieces on the sides formed by the beast mode legs have three Titan Master pegs running from the base to the end.
  • One of the circular sections on the beast mode legs/path/road section has a 5mm port, allowing you to attach extra weaponry.
  • The feet from the beast mode form platforms allowing figures to stand on them.
  • At the very edge of each side, the sections with the translucent orange circles have ramp connectors allowing you to connect this City to other bases such as Overlord and Sky Shadow. The instructions label this combination as "Nemesis Command", but of course you can also add on Soundwave to create an even larger base!

When connecting other bases to Trypticon, you may need to do some creative repositioning of the legs on Overlord or swing Trypticon's leg halves forward or back to get the right position. The end result is worth it (see above photos). I love the number of Titan Masters you can attach to the city and there's plenty of room for larger figures to roam.

Final Thoughts:
"Titans Return" Trypticon is a fantastic update of the G1 character. The detail level in this sculpt is unexpectedly complex and eye catching. Plenty of the G1 toy's design is retained while new functionality adds to the play value. Highly recommended!


  • Excellent sculpt.
  • Pays homage to the original Trypticon brilliantly in all three modes.
  • Articulation is fantastic, especially for the beast mode (which is traditionally limited on T-Rex based Transformers figures).
  • Interaction with Titan Masters and mini-vehicles/weapons adds play value.


  • The hip issue can definitely deter fans from getting this figure, especially at its high price point. This should be solved in most of the production run. My recommendation is to save your receipt and make sure to test those hips joints out just in case you may need to do an exchange.
  • Some fans may not be happy with having to attach over 100 stickers for deco.

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