"Reactivate" Bumblebee & Starscream 2-Pack Toy Review


General Information
Release Date: December 2023
Price Point: $62.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Amazon, BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth, Target, Walmart etc.)
Accessories: Blaster, Claw, Shield

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  • BUMBLEBEE & STARSCREAM ACTION FIGURE 2-PACK: These 6.5-inch (16.5 cm) Bumblebee and Starscream toys feature deco and detail inspiration from the video game, Transformers: Reactivate
  • 2-IN-1 CONVERTING TRANSFORMERS TOYS: Bumblebee Transformers action figure converts from robot to dune buggy mode in 20 steps. Starscream figure converts from robot to jet mode in 25 steps
  • AWESOME ACCESSORIES: This 2-Pack comes with S2 Null Rays and 2 Ion blaster accessories
  • BATTLE DAMAGE DECO: The Bumblebee and Starscream figures feature premium metallic battle damage deco
  • ARTICULATED FOR PLAY AND DISPLAY: Transformers figures feature articulated heads, arms, and legs for action poses
  • BASED ON TRANSFORMERS: REACTIVATE: When a new threat to humanity arrives, Earth’s last hope is the Autobots. Transformers: Reactivate is a multiplayer online action game, developed by Splash Damage (video game sold separately)
  • GIFT TRANSFORMERS COLLECTIBLES: These video game-inspired action figure toys makes a great collectible figure gift for any Transformers fan

Bring the post-apocalyptic action of Transformers: Reactivate into your collection with the Transformers: Reactivate Bumblebee and Starscream 2-Pack! These 6.5-inch action figures feature metallic battle damage deco inspired by the Transformers: Reactivate video game. The Bumblebee figure converts from robot to dune buggy mode in 20 steps and the Starscream figure converts from robot to jet mode in 25 steps. Transformers: Reactivate action figures feature special packaging inspired by the video game. TRANSFORMERS and HASBRO and all related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2024 Hasbro. SPLASH DAMAGE and its logo are registered trademarks of Splash Damage Ltd. All rights reserved.

In December of 2022 game company Splash Damage announced a new game: Transformers: Reactivate. The game is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. The trailer (which you can see below) seems to show an invading force that does not discriminate between humans, Autobots or Decepticons. In a desperate attempt to fight them, the human resistance "reactivates" Transformers characters to fight the aliens. Check out the trailer below:


The trailer is quite impressive, but unfortunately little else came out of Splash Damage all year long until a recent post on their Instagram noting that 2023 would see no further updates while the company works to utilize the Unreal Engine 5 to create the game. Delays in the gaming industry are not new, but the world of toys moves a bit differently and so the end of 2023 saw the release of four figures from the game. Preorders went up for these figures in November 2023 and Hasbro Pulse shipped limited quanitites in December 2023. As of December 2023, other retailers such as Amazon and BigBadToyStore have February 2024 ship dates listed for these figures. One of these sets features a two pack with Bumblebee and Starscream.

The Transformers: Reactivate packaging is really impressive. The two sets released so far each feature two figures. I hesitate to call them "versus packs" since it seems like the humans and Transformers all have to team up to fight the alien horde in the game. The boxes are mostly rectangular with angles on the sides, giving them a distinctive shape. The box features a large window in the middle that lets you see the figures inside tied to a cardboard backdrop. For the first time in a while, the window is covered with a transparent plastic film! This used to be the norm with Transformers toys but fell by the wayside the last couple years. It is really great to see this style of packaging return. The box features a lot of blue and grey colors including a grid graphic on the top section that feels like a bit of a G1 throwback. On the left side is Starscream with photos of the figure in both modes and artwork from (presumably) the game on the angled section. The other side features Bumblebee with a similar arrangement. On the bottom is the "Transformers: Reactivate" logo which really stands out with its striking blue and white colors. This also makes this one of the few Transformers boxes out there right now that does not feature the vertical Transformers logo on the right side which has been a standard for years now. This entire line falls under the "Reactivate" banner with no other sub-headers (ex: Generations or Studio Series etc.) which is kind of refreshing!

The back of the box features both figures in both modes set against a backdrop from the game. Bumblebee has a 20 step transformation called out while Starscream's is 25 steps. Near the right side is the Splash Damage studio logo next to Hasbro's own logo. Towards the bottom are two images that appear to be screen shots from the game or imagery created with game assets. One features Starscream and Bumblebee in the game in their robot forms while the other shows them in their vehicle modes. Overall, this packaging is beautiful and really striking!


Bumblebee includes two identical blasters. Both look like scifi handguns with a magazine hanging off the front at an angle. The weapons are nicely detailed and feature a 5mm peg that also has a small tab at the end to fit into the slots on either side of his robot head. Both weapons are black plastic with no paint applications. Sadly, these weapons feature no connection points for Blast Effects.

Robot Mode:
Reactivate Bumblebee is a Deluxe Class figure and features an entirely new sculpt. This is not a retool or redeco of any previous Bumblebee figure. Since the game is not out yet and official renders of Bumblebee are limited to online leaks of "in progress" models and the box art, I cannot really speak to how "game accurate" this figure is, but I presume Hasbro had the character models from the games to work off of so I would assume it is mostly accurate. Bumblebee's design is what I would call a mash up of live action movie and G1 influences. His basic body structure is very G1, with the classic "car front as the chest" and "car doors as wings" on the back along with legs that have vehicle mode wheels near the ankles. Where the live action movie elements come in are several sharp looking points such as the armor on his forearms, shoulder armor and the shape of his feet. He also has a very layered look, as if there is a skeletal robot structure underneath covered in layers of armor. His head design reminds me of some of the early IDW Publishing head designs when artists there reinterpreted classic G1 characters in new forms. It has Bumblebee-esque features such as a central crest and horns on the "helmet" section but the overall shape and detailing looks very modern. Overall this is a beautiful sculpt that looks dynamic and rugged at the same time.

Bumblebee mostly features a metallic, mustard colored yellow and black plastic. Several parts are painted with a beautiful gunmetal grey color including his forearms and lower legs. Silver is used on areas like his face and the headlights sculpted into his shoulders. Red paint is used on some lighting details on his chest and shoulders as well as an Autobot symbol on his chest. This deco is really nice and the use of the darker yellow helps emphasize the grittier take on Transformers lore featured in the game. That said, I do wish there were more wear and tear details. I would have loved some black or dark grey paint washes on parts like the chest or forearms to bring out sculpted details. I think some silver "scrapes" would have looked cool too (though some fans hated it during Siege so let's acknowledge that).

There are seventeen points of articulation on this figure. This includes three on each arm and four on each leg (though I'm being generous since his feet only kind of tilt forward and back). Due to the way he transforms he lacks waist articulation. It should be noted that the elbows and hips are ball joints, allowing for a good range of articulation in those areas. The head also sits on a ball joint so he can look up and side to side, a rarity among Transformers figures nowadays. Bumblebee can hold his weapons in his fists or you can attach them to the slots on either side of his head (a possible callback to the designs of characters like Bluestreak in G1). Unlike most modern Generations figures, Bumblebee does not feature a bunch of 5mm ports to attach extra accessories, but given the particular aesthetic of this figure it would have been difficult to place them on the arms or legs without looking a bit awkward so I'm okay with that.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing the grille on the chest down.
  4. Pull the section with the chest and arms forward.
  5. Separate the panel behind the head from the panel with the head attached to it.
  6. Pull the panel that was behind the head up to reveal the vehicle windshield.
  7. Swing the back section (with the head on it) up and connect it to the front/hood section using the tabs on the back section and the corresponding slots underneath the hood.
  8. Swing the windshield section down and press the middle of the hood section down into place.
  9. On each leg, swing out the wheels on the sides of the ankles and then swing the bars they are connected to up.
  10. Swing the wheels inside the lower legs out.
  11. Rotate the feet around then swing them up into the back of the lower legs.
  12. Bend the legs at the knees and then swing them up, tucking them under the rear of the vehicle. The rear wheel wells tab into the sides of the vehicle.
  13. Swing the doors in and clip them into the sides.
  14. Holding the vehicle upside down, turn the robot arms so the shoulders are facing up.
  15. Rotate the forearms inward.
  16. Swing the shoulders in, tucking the forearms and fists into the empty slot under the cabin section of the vehicle.
  17. Swing the bars with the front wheel wells on them forward to form the sides of the vehicle. There is a tab on the forearms that connects to this bar and the front wheel wells connect to the sides in front. Note: For me this was the trickiest part of the transformation. Getting the tabs and bar to all line up just right took me about five tries when I first unboxed the figure. When I did it for this review however, I got it in one. Your luck may vary.
  18. Push the grille in the front up.
  19. The weapons can attach to the slots in on the hood.

Vehicle Mode:
When photos of this vehicle mode first emerged online many fans thought it was not very "Bumblebee-like". Many fans rightfully associate the character with his G1 Volkswagen Beetle alt mode or his more modern sports car modes inspired by his Chevrolet Camaro alt modes seen in the live action films. However, in my eyes this vehicle mode is very much appropriate for the character given his history and the post-apocalyptic setting of the game. To me, this vehicle vaguely resembles a Volkswagen Beetle that has been heavily modified with parts from a dune buggy, sports cars and then had armor added making it look like something out of a "Mad Max" film. I absolutely love this design. It is full of detail including a cage around the cabin section, a stylish spoiler with angled panels on the sides and a heavily modified grille in front. He even has round lights like those from a dune buggy on the front of the car and the top of the windshield. One of the coolest group of details on this vehicle are exhaust pipes in the back seemingly connected to an engine with an Autobot symbol sculpted into it. This engine being in the back could also be another nod to the Volkswagen Beetle which also featured an engine in the rear of the car.

The deco in this mode looks fantastic. With the middle section and the sides bringing in a lot of the gunmetal grey color, the contrast with the mustard yellow is striking. Silver is used on the lights and there is a fantastic pattern on the left door that looks very sporty. This pattern is not found on the right door, giving the car a bit of an unfinished or kitbashed appearance that befits a post-apocalyptic vehicle. Some of this asymmetry was also seen in the robot mode (particularly the arms).

This vehicle rolls on all four wheels and as mentioned above the weapons can attach to the hood. Overall this vehicle mode is a fun and exciting new take on Bumblebee's alt-mode.


Starscream includes two accessories. Interestingly while they both represent his null rays, they have different designs. One weapon features a flat, angled panel that has a thick machine-gun like barrel sticking out in front. Meanwhile, the other weapon has a thinner panel with a distinctive rectangular shape in the middle. This also features a weapon barrel resembling a machine-gun sticking out in front. Both weapons are made of blue plastic with the weapon barrels painted gunmetal grey. Each weapon features a 5mm port, allowing you to attach them to the sides of Starscream's forearms or having him hold them in his hands.

Robot Mode:
Starscream is a Voyager Class figure featuring an entirely new design. This is not a retool ore redeco of any previous figure. Starscream's robot mode features very traditional elements of the G1 Seeker design. This includes a cockpit on the chest, wings on the back sticking out to the sides and pylons sticking up on either side of the head. Even the legs have clear design parallels to the original Seekers. His head design is also very much a G1 animation inspired design complete with a small crest in the middle flanked by two raised sections and vents on the sides of the "helmet" section. All that said, like Bumblebee's design it feels like there is some live action movie influence here. There are several parts that are very angular instead of blocky such as the air intakes on his chest and the layers of mechanical details on the legs. Like Bumblebee's design, I really like how this all comes together to form a new interpretation of Starscream.

Another cool aspect of this sculpt are the asymmetrical details. For instance, there are panels above the air intakes on the chest that have different line detailing on them between the left and the right. The shoulder armor pieces also have the same general shape, but feature different sculpted details. One of my favorite details are the thighs. While the left thigh looks like it was Starscream's "original part", the left thigh looks like makeshift armor was slapped over it to provide some armor where, perhaps some had been blasted away in battle. It is very unusual to see asymmetrical designs on Transformers toys so this is a treat.

This figure is made up of grey, red, blue and black plastic. These are all colors found on various versions of Starscream and they work together nicely here. Paint colors include black, orange, silver, light blue and gunmetal grey. Some of the paint applications are asymmetrical. For instance, one wing is grey with red edges while the other has a big section painted gunmetal grey. The right forearm is unpainted blue plastic while the other has a section painted gunmetal grey. I really love these details. They look great and add to the connection with the theme of the game. Interestingly, Starscream's eyes are painted blue instead of red, perhaps suggesting he may be fighting on the "good side" in the game since I presume he will be battling the alien invaders known as The Legion. Like Bumblebee, I do wish there were more "battle damage" type painted details on this figure, but I'm guessing their absence is due to budget more than anything else.

There are twenty points of articulation on this figure. This includes four in each arm and five in each leg. He also features waist articulation. If you want to be generous and count his wings, then can move back for a more dynamic appearance. His hands are sculpted in an open position but they do have a 5mm port to hold weapons. His forearms also have 5mm ports on the sides, allowing you to connect his weapons to his arms G1 style. You do have to fiddle a bit with the figure in certain poses. His feet are rather narrow compared to the wider feet on some versions of the Seekers so certain poses can be tricky.

Transformation to Jet Mode:

  1. Remove the weapons and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing the fists into the forearms.
  4. Lift the front panels of the lower legs.
  5. Push the two halves of the feet together, than point them downward.
  6. Swing the back panels out.
  7. Swing the section with the nosecone and robot head out a bit. Swing the cockpit forward, turn the head around then push it in.
  8. Push the cockpit back in place and swing up the nosecone.
  9. Swing the cockpit/nosecone piece up.
  10. On each side lift the panels with the air intakes on them slightly, then swing each arm down.
  11. Behind each air intake panel is a triangular panel, swing those down.
  12. Swing the air intake panels back.
  13. On each of the lower leg sections, swing the horizontal stabilizer fins down.
  14. Rotate the wings around.
  15. Flatten out the back panels, then connect them to the lower leg sections with the horizontal fins.
  16. Swing the vertical stabilizer fins up.
  17. Rotate the forearms so the 5mm port on them connects to the tab on the bottom of each wing.
  18. Swing the front panels of the lower legs forward and up into the underside of the jet.
  19. Attach the weapons to the wings.

Vehicle Modes:
Like Bumblebee, Starscream's vehicle mode is a blend of influences from G1 and the post-apocalyptic setting of the "Reactivate" game. For the most part his design looks like it is based off the G1 Seeker jet modes but reworked with a patchwork of parts, especially on the wings and the rear of the vehicle. I really love a lot of the sculpted details on this vehicle, especially the way they look like armor panels have been layered over others giving some parts a patchwork appearance. At the same time the jet looks nice and sleek.

The colors in this mode all carry over from the robot mode, but there is much more emphasis on the darker colors. The entire rear thruster section is black and the left wing is gunmetal grey. The front section also has a lot of gunmetal grey paint. The deco is rounded out by purple Decepticon symbols on the wings.

Final Thoughts:
It is a little weird having action figures based on a game that has yet to have a firm release date. Still, even without the game I was quite excited for these figures as something refreshing and new in the Generations style and I am not disappointed. These figures are both fun and have cool designs. Could they be a bit better? Sure. With a bit more deco and a few tweaks here and there the figures would have been darn near perfect but they're still recommended!


  • Excellent sculpts that blend the aesthetic of the "Reactivate" video game with G1.
  • The asymmetrical decos are cool and unusual.
  • Transformations are involved but intuitive.


  • I would have liked another layer of deco to represent battle damage.
  • I wish the weapons could fit Blast Effects.

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