"Generations" Legacy Evolution Tarn Toy Review


General Information
Release Date: March 2023
Price Point: $33.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Amazon, BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth, Target, Walmart etc.)
Accessories: Tank turret base, Tank Cannons x 2

Official images and text in italics are from Amazon.com:

  • CELEBRATE THE LEGACY: Transformers Legacy Evolution celebrates the last 40 years of Transformers history. The Comic Universe Tarn action figure is inspired by the IDW comics
  • 2 EPIC MODES: Transformers action figure converts from robot to tank mode in 28 steps
  • AWESOME ACCESSORIES: This Comic Universe Tarn toy for 8 year old boys and girls comes with a double-barreled blaster accessory that attaches to the figure in both modes
  • EVOLVE THE BATTLE: Transformers toy robots are upgraded with Evo-Fusion battle features! Evolve the battle by rearranging the blaster barrels into a scoped blaster. Blaster also attaches as shoulder blaster
  • REVEAL TECH SPECS: Scan the code on each package to reveal character tech specs! Collect other Transformers figures to discover facts and abilities (each sold separately, subject to availability)

The battle is evolving with the Transformers Legacy Evolution Comic Universe Tarn action figure! Tarn is fiercely loyal to the Decepticon cause, taking his allegiance so far as to affix the Decepticon insignia to his own face. Transformers toys are upgraded with Evo-Fusion technology! Experience the evolution and rearranging the barrels on the double-barreled blaster accessory into a scoped blaster to prepare for battle! Celebrate the last 40 years of Transformers history with Transformers Legacy action figures for boys and girls. Transformers Legacy opens the portal to a whole new universe of More Than Meets the Eye, bringing together every generation of Transformers like you’ve never seen before. Collect and combine different characters to create your ideal Legacy lineup. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Tarn is packaged in a standard Legacy Evolution Voyager Class box. The box is roughly rectangular in shape with angles on the sides and top. The figure sits inside the box attached to a cardboard tray/background however there were no plastic windows used for Legacy Evolution boxes so the top half of the figure is exposed. The illustration on the front of the box shows Tarn in vehicle mode blasting away at an unseen enemy. The left side of the box (if you're facing it) shows him in robot mode also firing his cannons. The back of the box shows the figure in both modes calling out a 27 step transformation. It also calls out the "Evo-Fusion" capability where you can link up his cannons to form a super sized Fusion Cannon. The packaging is really beautiful and I love the backgrounds and artwork.

Tarn was first introduced in the IDW Publishing Transformers comic books in 2012 as the leader of the Decepticon Justice Division, a group of Decepticons who hunt down any Decepticons who have gone against Megatron's will. The character was insane and terrifying all at the same time and became a fan favorite over the years. When this figure was announced, fans were eager to get this figure into their hands. Many did, but unfortunately at least in North America this figure sold out fast and he has been difficult to get ever since. At the time I am writing this review in January 2024 Entertainment Earth appears to be the only retailer taking preorders at retail price for this figure.

Tarn includes three main accessories:

  • Cannon 1: This is not the official name, but since he comes with two I have to distinguish them somehow. This cannon is (presumably) the back half of the larger cannon when you combine the two into a super weapon. The rear of this weapon features a rectangular section while the rest is a cylinder. This piece is made of translucent red plastic and much of it is painted dark grey, but several parts are left exposed so the translucent parts look like they are lit up with energy. This piece features a 5mm peg on the back and bottom and a 5mm opening in the front.
  • Cannon 2: Again, not the official name but I am calling it this to differentiate this accessory from the other. This cannon has a design that is distinct from Cannon 1. This cannon is mostly a cylinder with a raised, angled piece on top towards the back and the barrel narrows towards the front. This cannon is also made of translucent red plastic with grey paint on it. Like the other cannon several translucent red parts are exposed. There are 5mm pegs on the bac and bottom while the front has a 5mm port.
  • Tank turret base: The two cannons can attach to a turret base piece. This is what allows the cannons to attach as a dual cannon to the figure in either mode. The top part of this piece is metallic black and the bottom piece is silver. The top part has a 5mm port on top and two ports on either side. The bottom features a 5mm peg. The reason there are two pieces is so the turret can turn in tank mode.

If you wish to get technical, the smaller cannons attached to Tarn's back can technically be pulled off to reveal 5mm ports on his back. These cannons can then be attached to other 5mm ports such as those on his forearms. I'm not 100% clear that they are meant to do this, but I was able to separate and reattach the ones on my copy of this figure without any issue.

Robot Mode:
Tarn's robot mode sculpt is heavily based on his comic book appearance and it has a lot of the key details from that design including:

  • Head: Tarn is so fanatical about Megatron's cause that he made his head design the Decepticon symbol and that is what this figure reflects. Unlike the comic book character the Decepticon symbol face plate cannot be removed, but given the price point of this figure (and modern day toy economics) that is no shock.
  • Arms: One of Tarn's most distinct features are his wide shoulders featuring a dual layer of tank tread sections. His fingers are also sculpted to look (kind of) sharp but not so much so that they are not safe for kids to play with.
  • Torso: The torso has several layers of details and at first glance it is easy to see it as a jumble of angled armor panels, but take a step back and look at it and you'll see his torso is basically one big Decepticon symbol and it looks great.
  • Leg Armor: Like the comic book model Tarn has angled knee armor that sticks up at angles and his feet have two small "toes" in the front.
  • Weapons: One of the weapon configurations you can use on this figure is having both cannons attached to the tank turret base and then attached to one of his arms. The smaller cannons from the vehicle mode generally wind up on his back stucking up over his shoulders. Both of these design elements match up with how he appeared in the comic books.

Overall Tarn's sculpt is on point. Some fans were a bit disappointed that he was not taller or didn't have more bulk but standing at about 7 inches (about 17.78 cm) tall its size is about right for a Voyager Class figure of this era. The figure weighs in at about 4.4 ounces so it's not particularly heavy, but that falls within the range of figures like Legacy Bulkhead who weighs in at 5.1 ounces while Override is about 3.5 ounces.

Tarn's color scheme is heavily based on classic Decepticon colors: purple, black, grey with silver and gold. I appreciate that not all the darker parts are just solid black. For instance, the tank treads on his shoulders are a dark grey while the armor on his forearms are a much darker shade. A good chunk of the torso area is translucent red plastic with a lot of paint applications that largely match up with the character's comic book appearance. The figure looks fantastic.

There are twenty six points of articulation on this figure. This includes six in each arm and leg. The hands can actually open up, which is an uncommon feature. There are twelve 5mm ports in this mode. This includes four on each arm and even two under the feet Siege style! If you really want to push it, pop out the smaller tank cannons on his back and you'll open up two more 5mm ports but I do have reservations about popping these cannons out too many times and potentially wearing out the pegs. Some of the ports are deeper than others. For instance, when I tried to attach Battle Masters, the ports on the legs worked better than the ones on the shoulders.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the accessories and set them aside for now.
  2. Straighten out the arms and legs.
  3. Swing the cannons on his back down.
  4. Pull the back plate out, then swing it down and rotate it around.
  5. Rotate the head around, then swing it back and down.
  6. Lift up the chest plate.
  7. Pull the shoulder/treads out a bit to the sides.
  8. Rotate each arm up.
  9. Swing the inner tread on each arm back at an angle.
  10. Swing the chest plate up more, connecting it to the tab on the piece attached to the robot head.
  11. Push the lower legs together.
  12. Point the feet down.
  13. Rotate the shoulder/tread section so they are aligned with the main body.
  14. Push the back panel with the cannons on it down.
  15. Swing the lower leg armor back a bit.
  16. Rotate the forearms so the dark grey forearm armor faces the bottom of the vehicle.
  17. Rotate the fists so the fingers are facing the same direction as the bottom of the vehicle.
  18. Swing the forearms in, with the elbow joints at an angle, then connect the forearms to the sides of the thighs using the tabs on the thighs and the slots on the forearms.
  19. Swing the forearm armor up.
  20. On outer shoulder sections, swing the panels on the sides out. Then swing the tread sections back, then swing the panels up.
  21. Swing the lower legs up and down, connecting them to the tabs on the back panel and tank tread sections.
  22. Attach the tank barrel base with cannons to the slots to the slots on the lower leg sections towards the back of the tank.

Vehicle Mode:
Tarn's vehicle mode is a Cybertronian tank. This form is heavily based on his vehicle mode from the comic books. Like the comic book representation of the vehicle this one has a low front end with two cannons facing forward. The treads stick out on the sides and the main cannons are attached to a large section in the back. The front features a cow catcher like edge with angled details that are based on designs from the Decepticon symbol including the "eyes". It is a cool and slightly alien looking vehicle that also looks very powerful.

All the colors from the robot mode carry over to this form. We get to see a bit more silver on the front and sides of the vehicle but the dark grey and purple colors make up most of this mode.

There are eight 5mm ports on this vehicle. That doesn't include the end of each cannon barrel on top. Blast effects can be fit into the large cannons on top and the smaller cannons in front. There's a lot of potential here for extra weaponry which I always find fun.

Final Thoughts:
Tarn is a figure fans have been wanting for years and I think it's great that they finally got him. I'm not quite as attached to the character as some friends of mine but I think this figure rocks! I love the sculpt in both forms, the transformation is fun and the deco is great. Highly recommended!


  • Excellent sculpt.
  • Really nice deco.
  • Good play value including articulation and plenty of attachment points for accessories.
  • Represents a character fans have been wanting for a while now.


  • Availability was extremely limited in some markets.
  • The chest panel sometimes pops off during transformation but it is easily reattached.

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