"Generations" War for Cybertron: Siege Soundwave Spy Patrol Toy Review


General Information:
Release Date: March 2019
Price Point: $9.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None

Official images and text below in italics are from Amazon.com:

  • Build the ultimate battlefield - the generations War for Cyber Tron trilogy introduces an expansive ecosystem of collectible figures and weapon accessories. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability).
  • Features classic G1 characters – adult fans nostalgic for the original Transformers animation and kids discovering classic characters for the first time can share and experience exciting play patterns across Generations.
  • Exciting 2-Pack - includes laserbeak and ravage toys that convert into armor. Use weapon ports on other Siege figures (not included) to attach armor mode.
  • Inspired by G1 mini-cassettes - inspired by G1 mini-cassettes, lasers and ravage Alt modes fit inside the chest of wfc-s25 soundwave figure (sold separately, subject to availability).
  • Awesome conversion - convert lasers and ravage into V1 sonicsurge drone armor mode and V2 sonicsurge drone armor mode in 4 & 7 Easy steps. Simple conversion for kids and adults 8 years old and up!

WFC-S18 Soundwave Spy Patrol figures Laserbeak and Ravage convert in 4 and 7 Easy steps from beast modes to V1 sonicsurge drone armor and V2 sonicsurge drone armor modes. In armor mode, These toys can fit (separately) inside the chest of the wfc-s25 sound wave (sold separately, subject to availability) or attach to figure's shoulders as armor. Use the armor mode to equip other siege figures (sold separately) with larger mission loadouts.

Two of the most iconic characters from the early days of the Transformers line are Laserbeak and Ravage. These two loyal members of Soundwave's "cassette team" were heavily featured in the G1 cartoon and comic books during the early days of G1. Over the years, versions of Laserbeak have popped up again and again in various Transformers lines (including "Timelines", "Dark of the Moon", the GDO "Generations" line, "Transformers Prime" and "Titans Return"). Versions of Ravage have also popped up over the years including appearances in "Energon", "Revenge of the Fallen", "Universe 2.0", "Alternators", "Generations" and even a Botcon exclusive "Combiner Wars" figure.

All that said, with a line heavily focused on the early days of G1, it is no surprise that Laserbeak and Ravage are back in "Siege". Much like the G1 "cassette" two packs, Laserbeak and Ravage are packaged together with the intention of serving as accessories for other Decepticons (especially Soundwave). Amusingly, to fit them into the wave they are now referred to as Micromasters. In the past they have been called everything from "Decepticon Cassettes" to "Deployers" to "Mini-Cons"! Calling them "Micromasters" just adds another sub-group for them to belong to.

The "Siege" Micromasters are packaged in a bubble attached to small card. The card features the same dramatic artwork style as larger boxes in the line. This includes a black background fading into a honeycomb pattern behind the figures. The right side features the "Transformers", "Generations" and Takara Tomy logos. The left side features a vertical chyron with an Autobot symbol, the alpha numeric code "WFC-S18" and the names Laserbeak and Ravage printed on it. Both figures are packaged in beast mode. The insert inside the bubble has the large "War for Cybertron: Siege" logo on it. It is dramatic and eye catching and I love how it looks on toy store shelves.

Laserbeak Review

Beast Mode:
In the first episode of Generation One, Laserbeak appeared in his pre-Earth form: an oval aircraft with a head that looked like a mash up of a jet cockpit and a mechanical bird head. Once Laserbeak came to Earth, his new form was more heavily based on the G1 action figure which had bird-like details ranging from eyes and a beak to angled wings on the sides. "Siege" Laserbeak is a mash up of these two designs. He is definitely a mechanical bird. The head has a hooked beak (but a "cockpit" like design similar to the cartoon model), the wings look like bird wings and he even has bird-like feet. Like the G1 Laserbeak action figure, there are tons of sculpted details from the wings to the main body to the "engine" sitting on Laserbeak's back (another detail inspired by the G1 cartoon).

Laserbeak is made up of black, red and silver plastic - all classic colors associated with the character. Yellow paint is used on the "cockpit" section of the head. The wings have an intricate silver and red paint pattern. Meanwhile the "engine" on the back is painted silver with a tiny Decepticon symbol painted on the front.

There are six points of articulation on this figure, but really only the head and wings are useful. There are two small pegs on the back of the figure. This allows you to attach Blast Effects from Battle Master figures. Most of the time the Blast Effects look like weapons fire, but here they look like thruster exhaust trailing behind Laserbeak and it looks super cool.

Transformation to Drone Armor Mode:

  1. Swing the engine piece back.
  2. Swing the head back.
  3. Push the wings in.
  4. Swing the feet up.

Drone Armor Mode:
In G1, Soundwave's minions transformed into cassettes (or cassette-like devices). This worked great with the radio/cassette play pattern of the original Soundwave action figure. As the years went along, this play pattern became strongly identified with Soundwave and his "Cassette Force". The designers tried to do this with these figures, but on ancient Cybertron there were no Earth cassettes so instead this cassette shaped device is now "V2 Sonic Surge Drone Armor". At New York Comic-Con, Hasbro said they could also be interpreted as force field generators. Either way, this is intended to serve as a defense mechanism on larger figures.

While this figure is a rectangular, cassette-like shape there are no spools of tape sculpted inside. Instead, this looks like a generic device of some sort that could serve whatever purpose a story demands, which makes it perfect for play interaction with other figures.

In terms of play value, this mode can do two main things. First, the "Drone Armor" can fit into "Siege" Soundwave's chest compartment in a direct callback to G1 Soundwave. The other feature involves a 5mm peg on the bottom. Swing that out and it can connect to any 5mm port on larger figures.

Ravage Review

Beast Mode:
In G1, Ravage was a robotic feline (not a dog as some folks have thought over the years). Both the G1 toy and cartoon model had fairly thin, elegant looking forms. However, this version of Ravage is much bulkier than one might expect. This is largely due to the four corners of the Drone Armor mode forming the foundation of each leg. His actual head and legs are relatively thin, but it looks like he is wearing heavy duty armor over them. The armor pieces over the back legs have rocket launchers on them, a callback to G1 Ravage's weapons. I do find it odd that there is no tail on Ravage, but this does represent Ravage before he arrives on Earth, so who knows? Maybe in the "Siege" universe he adopts a more Earth-feline like form in the future.

Ravage is made up of black and silver plastic. Silver and red paint are used to provide detailing from the front to the back of the figure. On the side of each front leg is a purple Decepticon symbol. I am pleasantly surprised by this since Ravage is usually mostly black in color.

There are eleven points of articulation on this figure. This includes three on each front leg. The articulation is thanks in part to the transformation scheme of the figure.

Transformation to Drone Armor Mode:

  1. Swing the head/neck down.
  2. Swing the front legs out.
  3. Swing the lower parts of the front legs in.
  4. Swing the lower legs on the back up, then swing the upper leg sections back.
  5. Swing the rear legs out to the sides.
  6. Swing the hip section attached to the rear legs forward.
  7. Swing the front lower legs in.

Drone Armor Mode:
Most of my comments about Laserbeak's "Drone Armor" Mode apply to Ravage's. He is cassette-shaped, but he's not a cassette. Indeed, he's a generic looking device that you could interpret as anything, really.

This mode concentrates a lot of the painted silver detailing on top and you can see the black and silver plastic concentrated on the bottom.

Like Laerbeak, there is a peg on the bottom that can swing out. This allows you to attach the Drone Armor to 5mm ports on larger figures. Also like Laserbeak, Ravage can fit inside "Siege" Soundwave's chest compartment.

Final Thoughts:
Laerbeak is the winner of this pair, but I like the Ravage figure too. Some fans did not like Ravage's bulky appearance, but I see it like his lithe form is underneath some additional armor. The way I see it, this pair of figures is cool on their own, but they become a must have to go with Soundwave. Recommended!


  • Laserbeak's sculpt pays homage to the G1 "More than Meets the Eye" pre-Earth Laserbeak.
  • Good deco on both figures.
  • Interaction with "Siege" Soundwave pays homage to G1 Soundwave and his cassettes.


  • Ravage is a bit bulky for some fans.

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