"Transformers: One" Robot Battlers Elita-1 Toy Review


General Information
Release Date: July 2024
Price Point: $19.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Target, Walmart etc.)
Accessories: Battle Base, Energon Power Sword

Official images and text in italics were sent to BWTF via a Hasbro Press Release:
Experience the epic origins of legendary TRANSFORMERS robots with these Robot Battlers action figures! Inspired by the iconic characters from the TRANSFORMERS ONE movie, these 4.5-inch figures convert from robot to alt mode in a few steps, with simple conversion perfect for TRANSFORMERS fans ages 6 and up. Place the action figures on the Battle Bases and slide the finger slots for cool action moves. Knock a figure off the base to win the battle! The figures have articulated heads, arms, and legs for awesome action poses. Includes a Battle Base and an Energon Power Sword that attaches in robot mode. Wave 1 of the TRANSFORMERS ONE ROBOT BATTLERS assortment includes the following products, with more characters coming in Fall 2024 (each sold separately):

  • TRANSFORMERS ONE ROBOT BATTLERS SENTINEL PRIME converts from robot to Cybertronian jet mode in 3 steps.
  • TRANSFORMERS ONE ROBOT BATTLERS BUMBLEBEE (B-127) converts from robot to Cybertronian sports car mode in 3 steps.
  • TRANSFORMERS ONE ROBOT BATTLERS ELITA-1 converts from robot to Cybertronian motorcycle mode in 3 steps.

Transformers: One is an animated theatrical film due to be released on September 20, 2024. The film features a core group of characters having an adventure before the beginning of the Great War during Cybertron's Golden Age. One of these core characters is Elita-1, whose roots go all the way back to the original G1 cartoon.

Of course, any theatrical movie launch is going to involve a toy line. Like other movie lines before it, there are figures aimed at a younger audience. Among the first toys released for Transformers: One are the "Robot Battlers". Taking a bit of a spiritual cue from the Rock'em Sock'em Robots of years past, these figures have very simple transformations with a play pattern that relies on them attaching to bases that spin them. The objective is knock your opponent's figure off of its base. You can see them in action in the Hasbro promotional video below:


The "Robot Battler" assortment features a box style previously seen in the EarthSpark line with the Warrior Class (you can see an example here). The box is cardboard and wraps around the figure with a section in back and a lower section in front. The figure itself is tied to the cardboard using rubber bands. The "Battle Base" and "Energon Power Sword" accessories are also attached by rubber bands off to the side. Behind the figure is a render of Elita-1 from the film and behind her is a Cybertronian city. Off to the side is the "Robot Battlers" logo and the vertical Transformers logo. The back shows the figure in both modes calling out a 3 step transformation. It also shows the Base bing manipulated.

Elita-1 includes two accessories:

  • Energon Power Sword: While this accessory is called a "sword" it looks more like a blast of energy form a weapon. The end is a 5mm peg. This piece is made of purple plastic with no deco. There is also a tab on the side which allows you to attach it to Elita-1 in vehicle mode.
  • Battle Base: The Battle Base is a platform with two pegs on it. One side has two holes for fingers. One is stationary and the other can move out to the side. As you move it, the platform spins. This causes the figure to spin around and its arms to flail around. It actually works pretty well and I can see kids having a lot of fun with it.

Robot Mode:
The Robot Battler figures are very simplified designs, but a lot of the core design of the character model seen in the Transformers: One trailer. These details include a very G1-esque head design complete with a wide helmet featuring "antennae" details on top. Her torso features curved sections with her transformation cog in the center (a possibly unintentional visual callback to Optimus Prime's Matrix). Her arms and legs are mostly curved, a look that also goes back to the early days of the G1 cartoon. Due to this figure's simple transformation the pieces that form the alt-mode are connected to the arms and legs and the result is Elita-1 looking like she is wearing an overcoat or a cloak of some sort. It actually looks interesting if not particularly "screen accurate".

This figure is made up of pink and grey plastic. Paint colors include silver, pink and metallic blue. The silver and metallic blue are really nice and sparkly under the right light and give Elita-1 a nice, metallic appearance.

There is no real articulation on this figure. The arms can lift up but they don't hold in place. Instead they're intended to flail around when you spin the figure on the base. The figure attaches to the base via two ports on the bottom of the feet. As mentioned above, push the lever in and out on the base and the figure spins around. It's a fun feature and works very well.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Detach the figure from the Base if attached and set the "Sword" aside.
  2. Push the head down which will swing the wheel up.
  3. Swing the side panels in and connect them in the middle.
  4. The "Sword" accessory can be attached to the side of the vehicle towards the back using the tab on the side.


Vehicle Mode:
Elita-1 is a Cybertronian motorcycle in vehicle mode. The trailer only gives us fleeting glimpses of this mode so I cannot speak much to screen accuracy. That said, it is a rather cool looking vehicle mode, evoking the Light Cycles from Tron. It has two huge wheels, one in front and one back. Most of the vehicle is curved with some boosters sculpted into the back. It's a very cool looking vehicle mode and I cannot help but hope we will see a Studio Series version of this one day!

This mode mostly shows off the pink and grey plastic. There is plenty of silver paint detail running from the front to the back of the vehicle. While the back wheel is likely intended to be one large wheel, it is in fact two thin wheels that spin. Meanwhile the front wheel is one thick wheel that spins. That said, if you're going to zoom this thing around your living room I would take the accessory off as it will come off pretty easily.

Final Thoughts:
The Robot Battlers are a good reminder that not all Transformers figures are going to be highly articulated, super detailed figures whose key play pattern is transformation. Figures consisting of a different kind of action feature definitely target younger audiences and for them this figure is cool and encourages playing with friends. That said, $20 USD feels a bit pricey for what this figure does. I would have expected this to be more in the $12-15.99 USD price point but that is my biggest issue. From an aesthetic and play value standpoint this has potential to be really fun for younger fans.


  • Nice sculpt in both modes (even with her "overcoat").
  • Really nice paint colors used for both modes.
  • Simple transformation and play pattern is perfect for younger fans.
  • A nice nod to the "Rock'em Sock'em Robots".


  • The price point is rather high for a "simplified" Transformers figure.


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